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  1. Thanks for all of the input. I have long been a believer in medium gauge strings. Because of this thread, however, I have experimented and switched out my 12 gauge strings for 11's and am enjoying a new level of comfort. My resistance to lighter gauge strings has always been based upon the fact that I prefer the sound delivered by a medium gauge. This is especially true for a particular D-28 that I have that is so mellow it borders on boring. The switch to 11's didn't help matters either. For grins I started experimenting with different picks and found that a .60mm Dunlop nylon combined w
  2. I saw Leon in concert a number of years ago. He opened up his show with the song "Polly Wolly Doodle", played very simply and cleanly on an average guitar. He brought down the house. Food for thought when we're arguing about what thickness of pick to use or whether we should use a saddle made of yak bone. Leon could play a tune on a hockey stick and entertain an audience. To paraphrase a musical line: "it's the player, not the song". MJ
  3. Brings back great memories. Thanks for the post. MJ
  4. Very clever! There was a story some years ago about a woman who was selling a late-model Porche 914. She put an ad in the paper, listing the car for sale for $50.00. Noting that the price was ridiculously low drew a high level of suspicion and she only had one person interested. He came over to check out the Porche and saw that the car was in perfect condition and asked her why she was selling it so cheaply. She said that her husband ran off with another woman and asked her to sell the Porche and mail him a check for the sale amount. She did. MJ
  5. Rob, Sorry about Gage. The only thing you're sure about when you get a pet is that someday they'll rip your heart out. Your video is a touching tribute to your little friend. With sympathy, MJ
  6. Enjoyed it very much! Very well suited to your 'bird TV. Thanks. MJ
  7. Was enjoying the vid but it's 6:30 a.m. and it was making the dog bark. MJ
  8. I have one that I think is quite good that's for sale. If you are interested in more details and pricing, PM me and I'll get you the info. Regards, MJ
  9. Looks like one of those things that they used to detonate dynamite. MJ
  10. Not funny to those of us who served over there. MJ
  11. Great music! Here's wishing you a happy 40...and (at least) 40 more. MJ
  12. All of the ones I've been in have been pretty boring: The eMGees The Whinin' Boys The Carroll County Boys Last Minute String Band Nelson, Michaud, Platter and Rutter The B-111 Jug Stompers The name that I really liked (but it was always voted down by my band mates) was Give Reggie a Wedgie. Some people just don't know brilliance when it appears. MJ
  13. That's probably a wise move and many people follow that line of thinking. With folks with zero feedback selling an item of interest, I have emailed them asking questions about the item. I base an opinion of their honesty based upon their replies. While it is, indeed, a crap shoot, there are some great deals to be had if you do a little homework and are good at reading a seller's character (and are a little lucky!) MJ
  14. Anticipate that one of the big wigs will want to grab the mic to sing a song or two. MacArthur Park, anyone? Good luck. MJ
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