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  1. Hello Chewman, From Lititz Pa Don335
  2. Don335


    FZ Fan, I do own a new ES-195,I was just wondering how long they were actually in production and how many were made? Thanks for your help. Don335
  3. Don335


    Hello Gibson experts, Any idea how long(production length)Gibson manufactured the ES-195 and how many? It appears that this model has been discontinued and no longer in production. Thanks Don335
  4. Houndman55, You are not the first to say the headstock looks weird, but that's exactly what I liked about it. It doesn't look like anything else ? I was thinking about a TRINI LOPEZ model but I already have a beautiful ES-335. I saw the ES-195 and had to have it. So far I am very happy with it and again this guitar sounds pretty amazing! Don335
  5. I don't really think this guitar has a GRETSCH vibe other than possibly the color. It does have some similarities like the single cutaway and the BIGSBY but it has a sound all it's own. I love the pickups and the BIGSBY stays in tune. It's a pretty amazing guitar and I love it. I wonder why it was discontinued so quickly? Don335
  6. I just purchased a ES-195 from Wildwood guitars. It arrived at my door this past week (5/26/15)and I have to say it's everything I wanted or hoped it would be. I kept looking online and Wildwood received a Trans Amber model several weeks ago and I jumped on it. I just rehearsed tonight with my Surf band and this guitar sounds and plays fantastic! I can't believe this model has been discontinued? This is a great instrument! Don335
  7. I attended a recent guitar show in Ft. Washington Pa. I stopped by the Reverend Guitar booth to play a Pete Anderson PA-1 B-7 Bigsby equipped hollow body guitar. The first thing I noticed was how soft the feel of the Bigsby was compared to the one on my Gibson ES-335. I found out that Reverend uses a special soft tension spring for this particular guitar. I quickly purchased one and installed it on my ES-335. This spring changed everything, it's unbelievable how good the Bigby responds. The tension of the Bigsby is amazingly soft and responsive. I know this is a small modification but it made
  8. Wildwood guitars has two reissue Trini Lopez guitars? It looks like a small run of 200? I might have to pull the trigger...they are beautiful guitars. Don335
  9. Jim, Absolutely beautiful! I love this guitar..everything about it! Congrats on the new ES-195..and yes I'm jealous! Don335
  10. Jim, Absolutely beautiful! I love this guitar..everything about it! Congrats on the new ES-195..and yes I'm jealous! Don335
  11. Well I have to say that the bone nut DID make a difference in the tone and sound of my 335. The guitar in my opinion seems to have a bit more treble and a more woody tone. To me it's very noticeable. Don335
  12. My 335 is a 2011 model..who is saying that 2011 is a bad year? My 335 is awesome,just changed the nut to bone and now have the tone! 2011 is a good model year in my book! Don335
  13. I'm a big time stat guy...and I have beautiful flame top sunburst 335 w/Bigsby and it's the only choice...do not buy a Les Paul...335 all the way! Don335
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