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  1. I've thought about going to Namm and was curious if everything there is for sale and if you have to pay retail or can you get some great prices on guitars?
  2. I'm trying to see what kind of discount I can get on Black Friday today. Hoping for a big discount Cyber shopping for high end via GC. Won't have any cool photos to show off though. :)
  3. Em7, are you having problems with your browser/java?
  4. That my friend, is exactly what i'm doing! Boy do I have a sweet one in the oven! Hopefully, a Black Friday NGD!
  5. I may have to put that to a "Blues" melody using my A or D harmonica! Believe it or not, hunt is still on now as I type. I've an agreed upon price on a beauty and now the dealer has to help me find the one with the right attributes!
  6. Are there some new models or just different bling?
  7. Playing the guitar is extremely hard work. I practice an hour or more every day and progress is so slow that yeah you wonder why you do it at all. I know I will never make money doing it and do it for my own private enjoyment really.
  8. Easy cowboys! Let me see if I can break the war up a bit. A couple of yrs ago I received a packaged from UPS during a wet winter. The UPS trucker backed into my front yard to turn around and got stuck. Left about 10 yards of 14 inch wide by 10 inch deep ruts. Completely wiped out my beautiful centipede grass. Contacted UPS and went thru hell trying to recover to no avail. They in effect laughed in my face but were very apologetic about what happened and said they would make sure it never happened. They still turn around in the yard if they think i'm not there.
  9. Where's the expert Jerry, he'll straighten their asses out.
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