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  1. If you're like me, having a J-35 and a J-45 is the closest you'll ever get to a threesome. Don't pass it up!
  2. Congrats on the SJ-200! The worse pain I have ever felt was from a bad tooth. I remember biting down when it was already sore and having to scream into a pillow. If I had had a gun, I would have used it on myself. Get the tooth fixed. Even if it's a root canal, they are really not a big deal. They kill the root and the procedure is painless. I even had one down without painkillers.
  3. "BIG" probably means a big letdown... Not a cheap shot at Martin b/c I like them and their guitars, but that's the nature of hype.
  4. Anyone know what the list and street prices are of the Fuller's Reissue. I guess I could call, but I'm lazy...
  5. Not sure about the Songwriter, but the other two are relatively unusual and sometimes that means a higher price and sometimes that means a buyer is harder to come by. For me, there are other Gibsons that I would rather have for the same amount of money. Also, regarding choosing between a used guitar in excellent condition and a new one, I always tend to go used and get a better deal. If it turns out I don't like the used one after awhile, it's usually not difficult to sell or trade it and not lose any serious dough in the process. But, that's just me and I get why many folks like to pla
  6. I agree, and that helps to explain why the AJ tends to get good remarks by players who like or appreciate Martins. I read one post recently by a guy who said in 30 years of trying lots and lots of Gibsons, he's never/rarely found one that is any good. So, all the people who have bought Gibsons are, in other words, tone-deaf idiots. I prefer it when people say it's just not their thing, but even with that, i think it's rather dismissive. I have tried lots of Martins and Taylors (and have owned some but not right now) that I really liked and wouldn't hesitate to own one or any other brand
  7. But, what about R. Taylors? Not a lot of those I don't think, but they come up for resale quite a bit. And, even if Taylors do sell lots more than Gibsons, it still seems like they turn over a lot more. It just seems like whenever I check the classifieds, there is always a few Taylors for sale and maybe a Gibson. For the regular Taylors, it might be that they have more moderately priced guitars. Also, how do Martins compare to Gibsons in sales volume? Lots of Martins for sale on the AGF usually, as well.
  8. Lots of good stuff here, especially about the stereotypical different cultural vibes existing between Taylor and Gibson owners. It's also interesting to check out the AGF Classifieds section where you can usually find some Taylors, one or two R. Taylor (high end custom jobs) along with a variety of boutique stuff. But, in comparison, not a lot of Gibson acoustics. I'm assuming Gibson still sells lots of acoustics, so either their buyers tend to be more satisfied or they aren't selling them used on the AGF.
  9. Very cool about the disc. Care to share a story about that one?
  10. Looks like yours comes with a gold record. And to think that I should have been frustrated by my lack of talent when all I really needed was to shop at the right store! J/k. Nice looking guitar and enjoy it!
  11. If it weren't for sandals and bare feet, I'd be crawling.
  12. There's always going to be more crap than not, no matter what the time period.
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