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  1. Well, well, seems like Guitarists are just as cynical as Engineers ... or perhaps you're both
  2. Not sure a survey with only 13 responses confirms anything about much at all???
  3. Discussed in the forum before a few times. For some people, it provides a good balance between string tension and the break angle over the bridge saddles. Some famous guitarists are known to be "top-wrappers" at least on some of their instruments, e.g. can just be seen in the pic below: I have to admit to doing this for a number of years now on both my LP Classic and SG Standard. But I'm not much good as a player, so you can't read too much into it
  4. I don't think either of mine are made any more? LP Classic (2005 style, "1960s" with Ceramic Humbuckers) and a limited-run 2007 SG Standard 3 single coils
  5. Thanks for leaving this tip - sure it will be useful to me in the future.
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