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    Big fan of the blues and classic rock. Learning to play the guitar, and starting a collection of guitars.
  1. For me it all started with Jimmy Page. The look of the guitar and his mastery of it I was in awe of as a youngster and its still hold a place of wonder for me to this day. Was able to get my first gibson a little over 1 year ago and have played it nearly everyday since. I really want to get myself a Gibson Acoustic aswell. A J-45 or a Hummingbird. but may have to save a few years first.
  2. Well for me I have a 2012 Traditional and play through a blues jr amp. The pedal I always have on is my TS-808 Tube Screamer that I use as a clean boost and i just added the new MXR Joe Bonamassa Fet Driver which is a stellar pedal. I don't have a delay so can't help you there but I hope you find what your looking for.
  3. I had one of them for a few months and was not impressed with it tonally. for a beginner amp it will do ok but I would personally chose the fender mustang over the cube.
  4. This really comes down to the same thing that is said every time. It all comes down to what you personally like better, thinner or thicker neck profile, burstbuckers over 57's, pickguard no pickguard. I played 20 or 30 guitars before choosing my traditional, for me the thicker neck was much better in my hand and i also found the 57"s to be a more versatile pickup IMO. as for esthetics I am a pickguard guy, the look without the pickguard just doesn't do it for me. Dave
  5. This topic has come up so many times in the last 50 years and everytime it does it makes me laugh. There are so many great guitarists out there today even if you may not be into there style just for example here are a list of fabulous guitar players that are out there today and relatively mainstream. John Mayer Keith Urban Brad Paisley Kenny Wayne Sheppard Johnny Lang Jack White John Frusciante Derek Trucks Like I said these may not be your favorite guys but they are all truly amazing players and this is just a few off the top of my head. Alot of the people that we look at today
  6. Hey All, I have been playing guitar for a few years now and have recently been finding that I get a sore playing hand much more then I did before. I use somewhat heavy gauge strings (11-48)and tend to be a bit heavy handed. Now my question is would going to lighter gauge string help lessen the strain on my hand and would any of you know any technics, or excersizes that could help me to possibly play a bit lighter or reduce the strain on my playing hand. Thank you for any help. Merry Christmas Dave
  7. I have played and own a few mims and a few american fenders. I bought each because of there sound. my mims are a 1994 and a 2011. the 1994 needed a fret dressing out of the box but was a great sounding guitar. the 2011 was solid right out of the box but i needed to do minor nut adjustment as i use heavy gauge strings. The only issue that has bothered me with both these guitars is there somewhat annoying tuning. I tend to have to tune more often with them the the americans. Someone who gigs alot may find issues that I may over look just being a home player but for me i have no problem with the
  8. Unless you bought it with her money I say grow a set, unwrap that sucker and play it loud and proud!
  9. As funny as it may seem one moment that really got me was when I learned the classic riff from the movie top gun. Loved that movie as a kid so when I got my first guitar that was the first riff i wanted to learn. Havent played it in about 20 years, maybe I'll re learn it.
  10. thank you for your responses.Ill have my tech take a look at it.
  11. I have a 2012 gibson les paul traditional and i was playing yesturday when i noticed a weird feedback kind of sound when i touched the top of the guitar above the three way switch along the binding. it was like a static sound, but i cant see any crack or anything that would explain this. can anyone help me? Thanks Dave
  12. I know for myself that my Tone is ever changing and i contribute it to a few different things. 1. is my rather wide range of musical styles I like to play and listen to. 2. My constant drive to learn and grow as a guitar player. 3. Is what I call an enjoyable nuisince. For all the aggrevation of not getting the sound I want the more enjoyment I get when I final hear that tone that is just right (at that moment atleast).
  13. Having played with all three types other the asthetics i can't really tell any discernible difference in tone or playability but that could be due to a lighter touch that I play with. Until recent months I only played Strats with maple necks but now I'm playing a couple gibson's I am learning to like different fret boards. Dave.
  14. Coil splitting, coil taps are the same thing splits the signal and out of phase.
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