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  1. Very funny! Absolutely brilliant
  2. I my opinion the best combination: guitar playing and a bottle of whisky! I came across this number on youtube and thought I share it with you! enjoy!
  3. Thanks for the explanation! I've just bought my tickets to Florida for mid November and hopefully I can bring home one. I saw a kinda new J45 TV on a Dutch selling site for only € 1450,-. But since I don't know which one it's going to be, I'll just have to wait till November and try both of them in a Guitarcenter.
  4. EA, Just wanted to know why you 'll be selling the songwriter when you've got the AJ. I''m looking for an acoustic gibson and I've got my eye one a songwriter ec or a j45 tv. Is the songwriter bad?
  5. I've got one other hobby: making my RC 1/10 fuel stingray go as fast as possible. I've reached 72,5 mph so far. I have to replace the gearbox with an 4 ways to go faster.
  6. Does anyone else thinks his voice doesn't belong to his body? [confused]
  7. I would go for the WM-45 too. The installed pickup is a great feature as well. What about the prices?
  8. I forgot to mention el Mariachi. Highly recommended
  9. There was a movie crossroads about, I think Robert Leroy Johnson. Does anyone know this movie and what's it called?
  10. Ok, Just wanted to know which music (especially guitar movies) you like the best. Think of: - Walk the line - Almost Famous - The Doors
  11. WOW dchristo, that is a great pic! Beautiful guitar
  12. Haha, you're absolutely right. the name keeper gets paid too
  13. J45 tobacco sunburst with cutaway John Mayer signature. I know he playes on a Martin, but I would definitely buy such a guitar in a heartbeat
  14. Happy Birthday and I think it is a great gift! Should look great at your wall.
  15. BTW how can you enter a youtube file the way larryp58 does?
  16. For me, this was one of the songs to start playing guitar, after seeing the legendary film :
  17. Too bad that the people on the video don't take much attention to the man singing. He has got an interesting voice, that's for sure!
  18. Good work! Personally I prefer the Grover tunners, but seeing the final product I can only say: wow, very nice work! I think I'm not that brave to work on a Gibson
  19. New song from Tenacious D. Real funny! Are they are playing both on a bird, or am I mistaken?
  20. Really, it isn't that hard.... Try it a couple off times and you should be able to grab this one. It is form John Mayer St. Patrick's day. Hard song to learn, but man isn't it great!
  21. Although it is not my Music, I can appreciate it! Excellent played. but I think the woman is more a shouter, than a singer. But that is my opinion...... <_<
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