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  1. Correct, http://www.thomann.de/gb/gibson_les_paul_custom_figured_ow.htm
  2. Thank God you stripped that eyesore, you have reverted it back to it's former glory. OK it was never a vintage but many people would love a Gibson SG like that but do not have the funds. I would be proud to have this guitar any day now. Great job
  3. Anyone know where I can find one of these pick guards for a Epi LP Black Beauty? Are they different from other LP's because of the 3 pups installed on them? When I bought mine the previous owner must have misplaced the pick guard as the screw holes are on the guitar but it never came with it. Thanks
  4. Stick with your original plan, the axe deserves better than artistic vandalism. Bring the beauty back out on this classic guitar Stickers are ok for cases or if you are SRV.
  5. Put it in the vault and pass it on to my boy and hopefully he will get a good few quid for it after Slash has kicked the bucket and the value of it sky rockets. or if there is a nuclear war before then and we are in nuclear winter, use it as firewood to keep warm.
  6. Can anyone identify the pups on this Flying V I have? They are all black with a white "i" on the bottom corner. I can't really say how they sound as it has a pretty cheap *** Floyd Rose installed that just wont hold a tune. I dont know if these came stock or have been put on at a later time.
  7. I know I emaled seller saying she should contact divorce attorney as her "late" husband has pulled a Reggie Perrin and is now living under a assumed name and is CEO of a major corperation in the U.S.
  8. Thanks, someone is pulling a bit of a prank on the Glasgow Gumtree site (to anyone not familiar with Gumtree, I think it is the nearest thing to Craigslist we have in UK) I only realized when I googled "firebird x" and the same photo I posted popped up. The funny thing is the seller claims the old guy is her late husband whos guitar she is now selling [biggrin] http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/gibson-classic-bargain/109470547
  9. I just grabbed my left hand and broke every digit on it, that will teach those sausage fingers to do what my brain tells them to do in future haha! Excusee me while a make a trip to the emergency room.
  10. I voted for the Burstbucker Pro, I love the sound from them.
  11. WOW! this is the first I have seen/heard of this Epiphone model. That is an amazing price for a lovely looking guitar, it is deff on my "To Get" list now. Right then, white or orange?
  12. It's still a beautiful guitar, it just needs a little finishing touch to clean it up. Why do some folk try and take a dump on something that another person is clearly proud of? We are all sensitive to snide comments about our guitars so it's not very cool to do so.
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