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  1. Please let us know how it turns out... Q: Do you regret buying this model? I have still not decided which one to get. But if the reissue has tuning issues I might start looking at the anniversary model (even though people tend to complain about th PU's) or a Derek Trucks (twice the price, I know)
  2. If I was about to buy me a Reissue, is there a quick way to tell if the one I try out has a tuning problem? Besides playing like a mad man?
  3. I'm thinking about buying a used SG. Either a standard or 61 reissue..... And since I'm new to electric guitars (I play acoustic) I would like some tips on what to look out for and be aware of when it comes to used SG's Any typical issues like the neck? Warning signs etc.. Thankful for any input and guidence
  4. Spec: Gibson Doves In Flight Trans Ebony, Acoustic Steel guitar, custom shop, 100% made in bozeman montana USA Sitka Spruce Top, Back & Sides flamed Maple, 3 pcs. Maple Neck, Hand Crafted Doves In Flight Peghead Inlay, rosewoodfretboard, Dove in Flight Inlays, 20 Frets, Traditional Gibson Rosewood Dove Bridge, Tortoise Inlaid Doves in FlightPickguard, Hand Engraved Gold Grover Keystone Tuner, colour: transparent ebony nitrocellulose finish, incl. case, originalstrings gibson light gauge 012-053 

  5. Pretty cool if you ask me
  6. EXACTLY like this ......oh what beauty....... I have not tried one of these yet though ..... but I've heard It and I loved it. And I'm interested in the wider nut
  7. A Jackson Browne...... or at least a 12 fret....
  8. I have two Hercules stands. Guitars are cased cause it's very moist right now so I can't check my SJ-200 Antique But searching in this forum I found a topic about Hercules and except for a Mr. Matt Hooper, everyone seems happy with their stands http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/105980-nitro-finish-what-to-do/
  9. It's the best guitar I've ever had. And I got try two of them at the same time. It outplays the customs and the standards I've played on. A lot of people will agree on this.... True Vintage is always worth the extra buck!
  10. Thanks for the tip...-. Just ordered a deluxe... Have a G7 now which is great but you can never have to many capos....
  11. As much as I wanted the sunburst I had to go with sound before looks....It just didn't do it for me. So I let my ears decide...
  12. When I bought my first Gibson I choosed between a SJ-200 TV and a Doves In Flight (which I bought). I LOVED the Doves but the nut width was becoming an issue when I got my J-45. Thats when I realized It was small and I played the J-45 more than the Doves. I got an offer on the Doves and went to the guitar store. They had two go them on the wall. A sunburst and a Natural. I played them both for an hour. I could actually feel a difference between them. I think the sunburst is a better good looking guitar but the natural "choosed me". I can't express enough what a great guitar the Doves w
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