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  1. Hello I just bought my first ever Gibson ES, a 2019 ES 335 in Antique Faded Cherry. I actually have not even seen it in person yet, as it is on The Brown Santa's truck for delivery to me today. It has the Grover tuners. Reading about these guitars, it seems lots of folks want the tuners they don't have. Guys with the Kluson vintage ones want the Grovers, guys with the Grovers want the Klusons. The grass is always greener?
  2. Many years ago I bought a new Sadowsky PJ5 5 string bass from Roger Sadowsky. Quite an expensive instrument. Problem was, it didn't have the Sadowsky preamp in it I wanted. Roger shipped the preamp to me and told me to have Gary Brawer install it. I took the bass to him, and IIRC, it took him what seemed like a very long time to get it installed. It worked fine when it was done, but I had many instances of "it will be done tomorrow", or "next week" and it wasn't done. I find that kind of stuff pretty unprofessional, and I think you can find more about that place on Yelp that is simila
  3. I decided to take it to the best guy I know of, Frank Ford at Gryphon Stringed Instruments (http://www.gryphonstrings.com). Frank is one of the founders there, and has run the repair shop for about 50 years. He also hosts the luthier site frets.com and the luthier forum site at frets.net. I have bought numerous instruments over the years from Gryphon and Frank has fixed guitars for me before. I walked in and Frank was at the counter. I told him I had a couple patients for Doctor Frank. He laughed and said he was the one who could use a doctor, he was getting over a cold and felt pret
  4. And apparently, a really nice guy. This video of Vince and Patty Loveless singing "Go Rest High On That Mountain" at George Jones' funeral never fails to bring a tear to my eye. I am especially touched when Patty takes over the vocal for Vince, who simply cannot do it at that moment. Two good friends, missing another. No phony show biz emotions there.
  5. Vince has been one of my favorite musicians and vocalists for decades. Not surprised you were impressed too.
  6. I love the swing you put in it. Nice voice, too! Bravo!
  7. My technique right now is buff for five minutes, play for 55. It's not doing much for the scratches, but it's helping my playing!
  8. Thanks. Tried the Scratch-X. Didn't do a thing. I put some on, rubbed quite hard for so long my fingers cramped up, but the scratches are still there. I ordered the "Player's Kit" from GuitarScratchRemover.com. If that doesn't work, I guess I have to take it to a pro.
  9. It also occurs to me this is a good reason to do small areas. If I had polished a small area, then buffed it off, I would only have those scratches in a small area. But no, I had to do the whole top at once. Hence, the scratches are all over the top.
  10. I don't have time to go to the store for it, but I just ordered some from Amazon. Thanks for the tip! Michael
  11. Well, it's definitely carelessness on my part. Need to make sure any cloth we use is really clean and has nothing embedded in it. I guess dedicating microfiber cloths to the job and maybe keeping them stored in ziploc baggies might be a good idea.
  12. I'm a dufus. My J45 Standard had a lot of smudges on it, and I decided to give it a nice polish. I used Virtuoso polish and did the back and sides and neck first, and they all turned out great. Then I flipped the soft terrycloth bar towel I was using to a new position and polished the top with Virtuoso too. When I started removing the polish residue with another soft terrycloth bar towel, it became apparent that there was some kind of hard material embedded in the cloth I had used to apply the polish to the top, and I now have oval scratches all over the top. They are not deep, ie: you
  13. Exactly! I have a pair that cost about $3k (and most insurance doesn't cover them). I mostly wear them when I am around people I care about to spare them the annoyance of me constantly asking them to repeat themselves. But for music, they are absolutely hideous. My very nice acoustic guitars sound tinny and cheap with the aids on. I am sure I miss out on a lot of high end sparkle that I would hear if I had normal hearing, but I don't, I haven't since I was about 10 years old, and I never will. So when I play my guitars, I play for me, and I play without the hearing aids.
  14. You won't be bidding against me on it. Those tuners are just the $50 Golden Age ones from StewMac, Chinese copies of the ones that weren't very good 50 years ago, and everyone wanted to replace them with Grovers or Schallers. I have the same ones on my cheap Recording King RAJ-126SN, and they are not very good tuners. It's not a classic old guitar, it's a brand new guitar that is made to imitate a classic old one. I doubt it would sound appreciably better to me than my J45 Standard. Different strokes. Have at it, hope you enjoy it.
  15. I have an Eastman E20D dread that has similar Adirondack top, and it sounds great. It's loud too, but I didn't know if the wide grain contributes to that. Personally, I like the look of the wide grain on yours and mine, just dunno what difference it makes sonically.
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