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  1. Works out as $429 I cant stop playing mine. I was always too lazy to change tunings that I would only ever use my Dobro for open tunings and slide. Now I can can do it all on the junior! Thanks for the congrats Versatile
  2. Thanks for the congrats. Man this forum seems to be really dead these days. I was going to re do the links but I don't there's much point! Thanks again
  3. Hi all, I have always fancied a LP Junior but never bought one. I checked out the Black Friday deals when I got to work at 7:30 am and found the 2015 Juniors going for £285 (down from £500). Crazy.. there really must be a lot of hate for this years models (!) I didn't even have to think about it for that price. Mine was made on the 3rd of March. First impressions; High quality through out apart from the finish on the top of the body either side of the neck. Its only slight, right where the neck meets the body on both sides, the surface looks a little uneven and slightly pitted. Not seen this before on an electric. It doesn't bother me. Frets are great, smooth edges. Fretboard looks and feels grade A. The P90 is nice, big variety of tones avail and the Gforce tuning system has surpassed my expectations so far. I played around with open tunings last night and it just seems perfect. Very impressed so far with this versatile little gem. Can't wait to raise the nut and play silde on her (which was the biggest selling point for me) Some pics;
  4. Why not buy a second hand 2013 trad? you will save some money that way too. I picked up my mint 2013 Trad in Honeyburst for £1,150 and she is lovely I then spent £100 odd on a bare knuckles bridge pup and.. WOW heaven.
  5. JAddison


    Thanks for the input Pippy. Yeh I think so.. I only really play my electrics through midish gain these days. Mosty wailing over blues backing tracks and Rock riffing. I use my acoustics for chording, writing, slide and pretty much everything else. I am glad I tried the wiring though. I have a soldering iron on the way so hopefully I won't make a pigs ear of it! By the looks of it it's just 4 solder points. I haven't done any soldering since school... and that was a loooong time ago! I have this to watch later: http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/tonefreaks/25764-video-about-how-solder.html
  6. JAddison


    After 2 hours play last night I have decided to change back to modern wiring. I am going to keep the PIO caps and the 500k pots in there. I read this last night and it makes complete sense: http://www.seymourduncan.com/tonefiend/pickups/vintage-les-paul-wiring-bs-or-bfd/ Especially this part; "1.As expected, with vintage-style wiring, you retain far more highs as you lower the volume knob, but there’s more to it than that: Modern also generated a pronounced low-mid bump. The brighter sound of vintage wiring has at least much to do with clearer low-mids as with stronger highs." It is the pronounced low-mid bump that I am missing. Plus I find the high's are too strong now. Unlike my Vermillion which has 500k pots all round and is not too bright. Another post that rings true, specifically the second to last post; http://www.thegearpage.net/board/archive/index.php/t-1388734.html
  7. JAddison


    Plugged her in and wow. Blew my head off! After some amp control tweaking I can get a decent tone... Im just not sure if I like it or not. It just seems like its a bit too much. With the standard 57+ I found it wasn't very articulate and it went mush with med / high gain. Now the tone is so open now, the articulation is emense.. maybe too much? I am wondering how I can beef the tone up a bit and get some sweetness with single note bends. I tried lowering the tone control (both amp and git) but I end up turning back up again. Maybe the Alnico IV magnets are to harsh for me as I'm used to Alnico II. Any ideas? hopefully Pippy and SHREK will chime in
  8. "In your humble opinion" You missed it out of your post My opinion is taken from my experience of owning an unfinished LP.
  9. Unfortunately I have to agree with this. I bought a 2007 Slash limited edition epi. It's a very good guitar. Lovely neck, solid body and it has a longer sustain than any of my Gibsons. It had a big fat typical Les Paul sound but.. It lacks; 1. a kind of depth. Very hard to explain this. 2. an expression when you dig in. I guess what I am trying to say here is it is less dynamic than my Gibby's. By the way I had the wiring changed with 500k CTS pots and a switchcraft pup toggle switch fitted too. When I start playing my Gibsons, I cant put them down. I don't get that with any other guitar. The best budget Gibby I have bought is my 2007 Chambered BFG. Man what an expressive guitar. Ok it doesnt have the 'Les Paul' sound. More of a hollow body sound, but when you dig in this thing responds wonderfully. I would say 4 x more than a guitar with all the laquer bells and whistles. I am interested to know how a Solid body LP with no finish what so ever sounds like. I would buy one if Gibby made one.
  10. JAddison


    Here is my 2013 HoneyBurst. I have since changed the knobs to gold top hats. Oh and I had a bridge Mule fitted and got her back today :)
  11. Thanks Dave! I saw yours a short while back when you got her - Gorgeous.
  12. I should really post here as I love my Traditional! Currently in the shop for some 50's wiring, Russian Caps, 500K pots and a Mule bridge :)
  13. JAddison


    My Mule bridge finally arrived after 2 weeks! I dopped my Traditional off to have it fitted along with 500K pots, 50's wiring and Russian caps. (I'm not great with soldering). Can't wait to get it back!
  14. Alot of people rave about the 57/57+... I have a bit of a love hate relationship with them. I think they are great for classic rock with the gain dialed back and they are really quite balanced and creamy. Great for Hendrix type stuff.. blues/rock. IMO they don't handle gain very well past that stage. They get mushy quickly... not like BB3's for example which have real bite and remain articulate under a good amount of gain. Man I love BB3's. I have taken Pippys and some other members advice and bought a 50's wiring loom with 500k pots and some NOS Russian cap's. I will see how they sound after the wiring change before swapping them out. Personally I think the 57 in the neck is too muddy with a 300k pot and I think the 500k pot will brighten it up nicely. Not sure what will happen with the bridge! The 57+ is rather thick/creamy so I am hoping it will also improve it. If not, I have a BB3 to go in the bridge. Either that or a Mule.
  15. JAddison


    I use Virtuoso Premium Cleaner and Polish and it's great stuff. Makes the guitar shine like it's brand new, feels nice and smooth, lasts quite a while, removes/masks scratches and smells good too.
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