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    HNG Day

    The gotoh bridge is an amazing option. With it I currently have it set at 5/64th on the bass and 3/64th on the treble side for string height with more than enough room to go down if needed. Its rock solid and was a direct drop in. I love it. If these guitars were $100 more but came with this bridge I would be more than OK with that! My original I was only about to get to 6/64th and 4/6ths and the bridge was on the body. The other mods were just cosmetic but it dresses it up pretty nicely. I especially like the pickup covers! The next mod will probably be an earvana nut which I put on all of my GIbsons. This guitar is amazing in my opinion and is a blast to play!
  2. JasonG

    HNG Day

    Indubitably I do! quote name='SteveFord' timestamp='1493481992' post='1852233'] Think you've got the coolest eight year old in town with that one.
  3. JasonG

    HNG Day

    My eight year old daughter wanted a new guitar and I couldn't pass this one up at only $499! It played pretty nicely out of the box, but after a few mods both functional and cosmetic this little thing rips! First I put semi PUP covers to class up the pickups. I was going to swap them out but I actually like them. I took off the cheap wrap around bridge that does not allow for a very low action and replaced it with the Gotoh 510, Not only is this bridge slick and sleek, it allows for a very low action and as u can kind of see in one of the pics, there is still plenty of room to go lower! I also switched out the all black top hat knobs for silver top hats and put some pointers on too. This is quite a fun little guitar that plays nicely and sounds great.
  4. Once you go Earvana, you will never go back! Makes a HUGE difference on a les paul.
  5. Being a Sales Manager at Sam Ash, I jumped at the deal. These are truly amazing values and has fast become my favorite Gibson! Use yours well and feel free to private message me if you need anything else from Sam Ash!
  6. Yea it does. I never have tuning issues or intonation issues on all 3 of my les pauls that have an earvana.
  7. Amazing. I use them on all of my Les Pauls and I would put one on any Les that I buy!
  8. 2016 Les Paul Traditional Plain top in light burst. I installed an Earvana nut on it and it also got the nickel hardware from Creamtone with their Nashville to ABR conversion kit as well as their historic spec plastics. This guitar is a beauty and plays amazing!
  9. They dont have a link for the hardware, but specify with them that this is for an Epiphone and they makes sure it is the correct thread and fit!
  10. Im really digging the creamtone stuff! I have some of their parts on my Gibsons too and makes such an nice aesthetic difference. Looks and feels "right". The Epi stuff is phenomenal too!
  11. So I have been enjoying my Epi 60's Tribute, but I wanted to pimp it out a little bit. I have Creamtone's Plastic parts on both my Gibson ES-Les Paul and Gibson 50's Tribute and I recently saw that they now offer parts for Epiphone. I ordered their cream pickguard designed from an authentic 59 pickguard as well as ordering their ABR conversion kit and tailpiece and their gold top hat knobs.
  12. My 50's Tribute gold top
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