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  1. RIP Roger. 48 is too young to go and I can only imagine how hard it must be for his family. Very sad.
  2. Last time I saw them was in the Houston Colosseum in the 80s...my ears are still ringing. GREAT band, there's no one else like them.
  3. With age comes wisdom. That's a killer guitar. I've been seeing lot's of high end hollow bodies and semis on ebay lately. I guess the economy is forcing people to sell their best stuff. Several Byrdlands, an ES-350T and and L5 on ebay right now. I have an ES135 and it's one of my top 2 guitars.
  4. I use .010-.047 light gauge strings, and I shaved the saddles to lower the action on my Alvarez Silver Anniversary acoustic-electric. It plays like an electric and it's much brighter, it loses some volume and thump unplugged, but it's much more playable for me.
  5. I'm in Corpus, sometimes wish I was somewhere else...I've never been to Iraq, but I guess Corpus beats that place hands down.
  6. When you hit 5k you'll have to mysteriously disappear for a while. :unsure:
  7. Got to call BS on you, on this post Blackie. Cats suck with numbers. <_<
  8. Did you run your Tonelab in front of it? I heard the demo from TheToneKing.Com and the amp sounds pretty good straight up. Have you tried it through your 4x12 cab yet?
  9. What surveyor said. I have a model 29 just like Dirty Harry's and I have a Dan Wesson .357 Mag with interchangeable barrels. I've shot both of them hundreds of times with no ear protection. The .357 through a 4" or 6" barrel is freakin super violent...flames shoot out about 12-18" and the crack/boom is painful to the ears. The .44 is quite loud too, but it's a different kind of loud and doesn't hurt my ears as bad. Either caliber is a handful and best handled with a good hogue grip and a firm hand. The upside to the .357 is that you can practice with .38 special which is fairly chea
  10. A whole lot of the great albums of all time were recorded on small Fender amps pushed into tonal nirvana. The Princeton Reverb is 12-15 watts with a 10" speaker and fairly easily driven into overdrive without making your ears bleed. A deluxe reverb is 22 watts with a 12" speaker and you can get it to overdrive fairly easily as well. The Super Reverb is an awesome 40 watt amp with 4 10" speakers, but unless you have someplace where you can crank it up to at least 6 or 7, you won't be able to get to the sweet spot. The Bassman amps are excellent as well, but they are very loud and you'll nee
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