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  1. Thank you for your opinion. "stein" and "cjsinla" - I understand it may be a matter of personal preference but this guitar is not Custom Shop order and I did not want Gibson to make it with strings aligned to the bass side. Strings placement should be simmetrical. What is interesting this guitar came with Quality Checklist with all items marked as passed and on the first page it reads "Gibson USA - We sweat the details." "ALFA ROMEO CORSE" and "Mr. Gibson" - I have sent this guitar back to the shop.
  2. Is it common that the new Gibson USA instrument, out of the box, has this string alignment problem? Strings appear to lean toward the bass side of the neck.
  3. Here are my pictures: Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1962 Sheraton E212t - neck cracks These cracks looked like they were caused by the tension on the neck. Also it looked like the fretboard was starting to seperate from the neck in the nut area (just a little).
  4. Well, in fact it does look like a frequent problem. I reported the same "cracks near the nut" problem earlier in this thread regarding the guitar that I received from Italy. I sent it back to the shop and wanted replacement but they replied that all guitars but ONE that they have on stock had this problem and the one without this problem was a version with Tremotone which I did not want. So I got my money back and for the moment this is enough for me. I do not want this guitar anymore reading about all these quality issues.
  5. So what is it? Germany, GB, Italy, the whole Europe received these guitars without running numbers? This is bad news for collectors. Does it mean that we have in Europe pre-production trial run that do not count into total amount of 1962 pieces? Or does it go like -3/1962, -2/1962, -1/1962 in Europe and then 1/1962, 2/1962, 3/1962 the rest of world? It looks like in US they got this numbering right: OK, I will write 1/1962 on mine, who wants to be 2/1962, 3/1962 etc.? ;)
  6. Oh, what if they tell you now, yours is 2142 out of 1962 ? :)
  7. So, I am sending my Sheraton back to the shop. I ordered the guitar in Italy with delivery to Poland but the shop pays for the return service and then they will ship me another unit. But... this not very funny how this "GAS and I want it now" thread is slowly turning into "what's wrong with my unit" thread. To "LongMan". I also think that you should return your faulty guitar because that's the basic way to tell the producer that something is wrong with them. Otherwise they will keep delivering rubbish to the market and counting on customers to fix it and do the part of THEIR job. Another thing. On the guitar that I got they did not filled "No.... of 1962" sticker so at least I could write "No 1 of 1962" myself and probably get greater resell value in the future. Or maybe not... if they forgotten to fill it also on other units there will be to many "1 of 1962" guitars.
  8. Peeling gold from pickup is not a big problem comepred to what I got. I am in Europe and I received my Sheraton today but found major problem with the neck of the guitar. As you can see on the attached pictures, the lacquer is cracked around the neck. You can actually feel under your fingers that it is cracked and it is already peeling off in a few spots. Not very good experience - brand new guitar that looks like it is already falling apart out of the hard case.
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