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  1. What a beaut! Looks like one of the older ones, too! Where did you find one in such good condition?
  2. Long Beach, which isn't very sunny at the moment. Where are you?
  3. Dude - nice! I love stories like this. It really depends on if you want to spend a few hundred to have a wicked nice guitar or if you want to sell it as-is and not have to worry about finding and paying for a repair bill. If the neck needs a reset and refret it could really be pricey. ... and I want to know where your Goodwill store is! I want one of these, too! Great story! It gives me hope! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I think 1968 was the first year they switched from plastic bridges to the adjustable rosewood ones, such as on this guitar. EDIT: of course, if Gibson refurbed the top later they may have swapped out the plasic bridge (or whatever was there) for the adjustable one.
  5. You got lucky finding one with a pickguard! They are usually long gone. Nice! I had an old Kay Kraft Venetian with a pickguard which was a little warped and it used to buzz against the body like crazy. I attached a little square of foam under the PG and problem solved. Easy to completely remove.
  6. Hi all - I'm new to the forum and looked around for a vintage Kalamazoo love thread and didn't see one. Sorry if I'm not following protocol, but if you have an old Kalamazoo or Gibson-made guitar, give a post - I'd love to see what people have out there. Here is a pic of my Kalamazoo KG-11 I picked up a couple years ago. I know it is probably the lowest rung of the pre-war ladder, but I was looking for a KG-14 and this was erroneously listed as a 14. No one wanted it, so I got her at a good price. Although it looks pretty beat up, the neck is straight, the action is low, and it sounds like
  7. The adjustment was in the heel, so I took the neck off and put about 3 drops in and left it upright. The nut hadn't been turned in about 30 years and I tried it about 5 hours after I put those drops in and BAM! It was in there pretty tight, too. I was afraid I was going to snap the rod, but I hardly needed to put any big force on it. Before the PB I was really putting some muscle on it and getting nowhere. It was nearly a religious experience. Do you have a frozen truss nut, too?
  8. Although I did not get a guitar, I did a pile of good guitar news this weekend: the seized truss rod in my 1977 guitar I've had over 30 years finally soaked up enough PB Blaster and decided to unseize (saving me from either getting a new neck or chucking the guitar), so it is almost NGD! AND I just sealed the deal on a 1976 Telecaster Custom for a really good price from a really nice guy. So I am on a cloud this weekend! \:D/
  9. I saw one of these for the first time the other day, then I looked them up and saw the price! Not cheap!!
  10. It's funny, but I play my electric guitars with very heavy strings, but I use very light strings on my acoustics. I started with my pre-war Kalamazoo - it is built very lightly and does not have a truss rod, so I don't dare put on anything heavier than 10s. Out of necessity, I got used to that and needed to also use these lighter strings on a variety of older and vintage guitars I've owned. I've learned how to get the sounds I want out of the lighter strings. Maybe you just need to spend more time with a lighter set. Your fingers and guitars may thank you.
  11. But who is to say what sounds good and what sounds bad, or better? It's just personal preference. I tend to prefer guitars which are older with the wood opened up. I also prefer Gibson acoustics to Martin or Taylor, but that's just me - I like guitars that boom! I also really like the pre-war Kalamazoo ladder braced flat-tops. They have a loud, boxy, vintage blues sounds that blows me away. I brought a few of my vintage guitars for a friend to play who has a music degree, and has CDs out, etc, and he played the heck out of some of my guitars, but he took one strum on my Kalamazoo KG-11 and
  12. I'm Dan from sunny SoCal. I've been into pre-war Gibson-made acoustics for awhile, didn't realize this forum existed. Glad I found you!
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