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  1. I have been boiling bass strings for years but never thought of doing it with acoustic strings. A signed band had a room to themselves in a studio that I used to work in and the bass player used to change his strings quite regularly so I had his 'old' ones, boiled them up for 10 mins and hey presto 'new' strings. Acoustic strings are much less expensive so I don't think I would ever bother boiling them, just keep them as clean as possible. Kev
  2. I have used the EB Earthwood acoustic strings too and found them to be quite nice. I don't like new strings to e too zingy and the EB strings were just right and stayed bright for a few weeks playing most days. Guess its just horses for courses. Kevin
  3. Hi, I have been using gibson luthiers choice on my SWD and it seems to be ok, smells nice too...might give virtuoso a try when it's gone though. How often do you guys clean your fretboard? Kevin
  4. Hey passthej45...not a great fan of burst but that is one gorgeous instrument :) I am seriously thinking that a 45 will be my next Gibson
  5. Hi...Sounds great to have a birthday guitar...I'm a 65 baby so your friend there already has my year :) Don't know how much a 65 J 50 would be here in the UK. Kevin
  6. Hi...I've been in loads of bands since school age, one of the main bands when I was younger consisted of me on bass and occasional acoustic and a good friend on drums who were the core, all the other members chopped and changed over time but me and the drummer had a great agreement that we could say whatever in the rehearsal room to be constructive, sometimes quite heated, but that was where it stayed and it never affected our relationship outside the band. This worked really well and others that joined us soon got used to it. Now I am playing bass in a rock blues covers band and our agreement
  7. Ha ha sorry, typo although our drummer played an accordion case at an acoustic night the other week so box wouldn't be too weird
  8. Hi...I am the proud owner of a Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio, my first Gibson after years of wanting one. I live in Wales UK and play acoustic solo and with an acoustic duo. I also play bass and box in a blues rock band.
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