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  1. Gotta say, I thinks it's David Gates and Bread.
  2. What kind of tuners? Can you tighten up the head by turning the screw at the end of the button? May the machine head mechanism is loose. Other then that, and what you've already done, maybe a new qualified tech? Just my .02 cents. And what steveford said.
  3. Yes sir you are correct. Lucy wept on the White album.
  4. I must correct you; even though I believe you know, you just mistyped. That 1957 red Les Paul was given to George from Clapton in 1968. Clapton bought it from a guitar store in Manhattan. The Manhattan guitar store acquired it when it was traded in by its owner, Rick Derringer. Derringer got it in 1966 when it was a gold top, and had it refinished at the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo to its current red color. Prior to Derringer owning the guitar, it was owned by John Sebastian. Quite a history, on quite an historical guitar.
  5. Looks like a ST605 (Striker). It's an overseas model from the late 80's (88?) with a plywood bound body.
  6. I believe the standing rule dictates; while on vacation all promises are null and void.
  7. The worst possible lottery numbers, and the plot behind Lost.
  8. Agreed, it's a social security number and 559 would make them from California
  9. I don't believe this forum is the right place to reach out for help in finding a sponsor for your affliction. I'd bet most of us here are also affected with this "syndrome," as evidenced from Euros post. Enough of that crap..... buy the damn thing, it's what you want to do anyway!
  10. I happened to be watching the show American Pickers last week. They were in Rockford and one of the guys on the show is a Cheap Trick fan so they went to Ricks Picks. RN was there and took them to one of his storage units so they could pick through it. The unit was full of memorabilia from the floor to the ceiling including cases after cases of guitars. It was pretty interesting. RN says he has over 1900 guitars!
  11. Aggreed. You should always clean and relube your nut after every string change. You should lube the bridge where the string contacts the saddles too.
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