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  1. Hi

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

    My phоtо here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Dino_J

  2. Very good topic here, I've enjoyed the insights shared so far. I'd like to share a couple of my thoughts based on using computers to record for 30 years. First, addressing click tracks, I find it easier to put my bass and drum parts down first with the click track, then I don't use it to record the rest of my parts, I just listen to the bass and drums, It keeps me from being a little less precise with guitars or keyboards or vocals, and makes it sound a little more 'human' in terms of rhythm. It definitely makes cut and paste easier. Second, addressing mic'ing versus direct-in: I use either method depending on a few factors. If I know that I want the specific sound of my amp and think I can get it with my SM-57, that'll be what I do. If I'm doing a minimal amount of instruments, that works very well. But if I do a project with multiple vocals, keyboards, strings, etc. I might use a direct-in guitar. Sometimes I don't know exactly how I want the guitar to sound until later, and if you've already recorded it with delay, distrortion, etc. you can't undo that. You can play around with amp simulators and effects later in the mix. A 'Marshall amp' effect might not sound like a real Marshall when you are isolating the track, but when it's blended in with the other instruments, it can be more convincing. Third, the 'optimal' sound of each instrument (and vocal) isn't always what you end up on a good recording. If you're mixing a lot of instruments, they can't all be optimized for their full ranges, the piano might have a great bottom end, but if the bass guitar does too, it'll sound too boomy. Lastly, I use Cakewalk/Sonar software going into a Presonus mixer. I've used Cakewalk since the days of the late 80's with a Roland MIDI input.
  3. Long enough to be much better than I am... Actually, I've been playing for 38 years now...yikes!
  4. dino_j

    New Year

    Took all the decorations down and packed them away today. Not doing anything out of the ordinary tomorrow. Never have celebrated New Years, and this year my Christmas was sort of a 3 day event, so I am glad to continue the tradition of not having a tradition. Don't mean to sound mean spirited, I do hope 2017 is a good year for everyone...
  5. So obviously the first thing I remember seeing her in was "Star Wars", but I remember her later hosting Saturday Night Live and being so impressed with her. She could have been huge as a comedienne, I believe, and I really enjoyed her parts in some of the comedies she was in during the 80s. I believe I read they filmed scenes already with her for the next "Star Wars" movie, I hope they will figure a way to give her a hero's death. She will be missed.
  6. I like doing things around the house, but I absolutely HATE plumbing jobs. No matter how careful I am, I end up with a leak, then a mess, and usually it's not a good time! If it were me, I'd get a new toilet and hire a plumber to install. Before you complain about the cost, consider how long will the toilet last, so the $ per year is quite the bargain...
  7. Glad you had a good time, I think that's what it is all about! By the way, I'm learning Billy Joel's "You May Be Right" so give me a call when y'all get back together!!! ;)
  8. Great looking guitar. Seems to be a deeper blue than Pelham Blue to my eyes, but I like it. I've never liked blue guitars (or blue cars for that matter), but I ran across a blue Tele that I really was more interested in for my cousin than myself. It was a used instrument, I got a great deal on it, and my cousin didn't want it. I love it. The color grew on me, and it just plays wonderful. I also fell heir to a blue Peavey Raptor after that, couldn't pass that up, and so now after saying I've never liked blue guitars I have two. Go figure...
  9. Well I think I had suggested in another post using charcoal wrapped in newspaper and store for a few days in the case. However, I think you said you tried that. Have you tried ammonia? I recently burned something in my house, and my cousin told me that ammonia can be used to remove all kinds of nasty smells from inside homes. Maybe put it in a small bottle with the top open in the case and sit the case upright so it won't spill, and close the case? For what it's worth, I wouldn't want to refinish that guitar either, I think it looks great like that.
  10. I like the looks of it a lot, I wasn't sure about gold hardware and white paint job, but it is a really classy looking combination. I've owned several guitars with gold hardware, and what I've found is that if I wipe them down right after I play (just a plain cloth to get the sweat off), the plating lasts much longer.
  11. "Summertime Blues" - Eddie Cochran, covered by The Who "Living In The USA" - Chuck Berry, covered by Linda Ronstadt "Ain't That A Shame" - Fats Domino, covered by Cheap Trick
  12. Don't have a cat currently, but my last one loved it when I changed strings. Honestly, I think she was drawn to the sound of strings as they were being removed. She played with the loose ends too, but something about the noise was what made her come running...
  13. I have a Schecter with a Wilkinson tremolo and it stays in tune extremely well, and I'm more 'Gilmour-ish' in my usage, but even something like "Sorrow" from "Momentary Lapse of Reason" has some really deep dips and it's fine. I think as long as everything is setup well, tuning should be a minor issue...
  14. How many of you have pictures/proof of the guitars you own when you try to make an insurance claim that 11 guitars were lost in a fire???
  15. Man, sorry to hear this, I know that it must feel like all you're getting is bad news right now. Will keep you in my prayers, what is the prognosis on this former student?
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