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  1. Link to Fred's wonderful albums- enjoy http://frobbi.org/slideshows.html
  2. And also check out Fred Robbins wonderful free download site. All recordings made on reel to reel. Some of these concerts are pretty unique, enjoy http://frobbi.org/picking.html
  3. Someone finally digitised my old slides which were taken at various venues including Cambridge Folk Festival UK. Enjoy the memories
  4. Try Newtone Heritage strings they are magnificent. Hand wound onto round blanks. Far superior to Martin strings
  5. Check out this blog, I must have downloaded a 100 albums from here and it is legal and available with the blessings of the performers http://delta-slider.blogspot.com.au/search/label/Fahey
  6. I strongly recommend Newtone Strings, they are far superior to John Pearce strings and are hand wound onto round blanks, which makes such obvious sense but most string makers wind onto hexagonal blanks which means there are cavities prone to harbouring grease and dust. If you are of a senior age, I am 66, the Newtone Heritage strings tune up at a lower tension making them easier to fret. Newtone can be bought direct from the manufacturer in Derbyshire UK or through dealers like 12th fret Stateside http://www.12fret.com/content/newtone-strings/
  7. My friend Fred Robbins has devoted his lifetime touring and playing at festivals toting a reel to reel tape deck, remember those. Reel to reel equals quality sound and these recordings and the ones here by friends are no exception. It is so kind of him to make them available and if you e-mail him he will add you to his mailing list and update you with any new stuff. He is a rare find and a wonderful person http://frobbi.org/picking.html
  8. Some one finally digitised my archive of images taken, mainly by myself during the 60's and early 70's. They are mainly taken at The Cambridge Folk Festival/ Islington Country Music Festival including backstage and picking sessions. Although most of my images are with Martin Guitars I did own a J45 and a Blonde Southern Jumbo which sadly do not feature in the images. I mainly played old timey and bluegrass, old time being my favoured genre. I am now 66 years of age, clean and sober but due ti 4 strokes in the 80's which resulted in brain damage effecting my left hand my playing is somewhat dramatically effected but I started to pick again a couple of years back and although I will never play on stage again I felt unable to turn my back of something that gave me so much pleasure. I hope you enjoy the enclosed images and they stimulate some happy memories for you after all this was an amasing time, the like of which we may never see again
  9. These have been recorded professionally by Fred Robbins using reel to reel tape recorder and contains hours of rare and unreleased music. Fred has the ownership and copyright to these recordings and is offering them free to all those interested. The site includes download instruction http://frobbi.org/picking.html Enjoy
  10. I have just ordered a new Boseman Gibson LG 3/4- Arlo Guthrie Signature Guitar which is modeled on a guitar Woody Guthrie gave to his son Arlo. He took it to Boseman and they made a faithful reproduction. He then suggested that they might like to make a run of them. The guitar is Sitka Spruce top with ladder bracing, mahogany sides and back with mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. I suffered from 4 strokes 25 years ago which resulted in an incapacity to my left hand. I decided to sell my HD28 and 0021. This year a friend suggested that playing might be good therapy so I bought a new 2011 Martin D35, I had a D35 in the 60's. Playing is hard work and I have very little chord progression at this stage and only playing chords in the first position. I decided that a 3/4 scale guitar might be easier and it was whilst turning this over in my mind I discovered the LG 3/4 modeled on a LG 3/4 of the late 40's. I have a 7 day trial period with it with the option of a full refund if the exercise fails but I am quietly confifent. I wonder what people here think?
  11. It is 2013 March and I have just ordered one o these guitars. Check out http://newtonestrings.com/acoustic_page.htm these people make, yes they actually do make them, thier own strings and I recommend you try the Heritage String in whatever gauge you prefer. I think they will be terrific on that guitar
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