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  1. I've read a few places that, probably due to the push/pull feature, that the knobs are glued on. Anyone know if this is fact? I've tried "normal" methods of removal to no avail . I want a different pickguard made so I gotta remove the knobs, etc.
  2. I'm a huge fan of hollowbody basses, got my '69 EB-2 in 1990 for $200, it's completely intact and has a couple factory "special-order" features. I also have a Midtown and love it, it gigs a lot! I had one of the 90s Epi Rivolis and compared to my EB-2 it wasn't even close. Not bad, just not great. My guess is, as cellkirk stated, the Midtown and ES-335 Bass are meant to cover the hollowbody market.
  3. It's a Hondo from the early 80s. Full-scale, solidbody, stock Dimarzio pickup. Sounds great, bought it new way back when.
  4. It's my understanding that Bugera is Behringer, which I do not hold in high regard.
  5. Before: After: Hipshots!
  6. Changed the tuners to Hipshot, gotta have clovers!
  7. Got a used EB-13 last Friday, very nice OHSC. This bass is LIGHT! Balances well, the satin finish is gonna allow me to not worry about scratches and dings like I would with a gloss finish. The neck is "different" but in a good way; kinda shallow from top to back. The bridge is an amazing piece of engineering, I had to go online to figure out how to adjust it but after that it was easy. The pickguard is the only negative; the tortoiseshell looks very cheesy and the guard is so flimsy that it flexes when pulling the cable out of the jack. Needs a side-mounted jack or better pickguard. Large vari
  8. Just got this one back from getting refinished.
  9. Played a show in downtown Austin, Texas last night. The Midtown sounded great.
  10. I have no idea! I have a few that my wife will have to sell when I die; Gibson EB-2, Gibson Midtown, Rickenbacker 4001CS(Chris Squire Limited Edition), Rickenbacker 4003, Carvin SB4000. The rest may come and go but those are keepers.
  11. Here 'tis. As heard on "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues".
  12. Steinberger previously owned by the late, great Dee Murray.
  13. Hmm... I'd heard the polepieces were more show than go. Haven't felt the need to open mine up and check though.
  14. If we're talking Rics, here's mine: '91 4001CS-LH, '82 4001S-LH, '80 4003-LH, 2003 340-LH
  15. It's an Eastwood Classic IV. They make righties in a few different finishes.
  16. I had a 90s reissue Fender VI that I wish I hadn't sold.
  17. I love all my basses, my Gibsons are just other colors in my paintbox.
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