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    Gibson EB-2D

    I wish they did too... But I think Gibson is really busy making there signature models, holy explores, robot firebirds, and other expensive signature models.
  2. I just got a EB-0 for 64 from GuitarDenter I will let you know how it sounds. My advice for the EB-3 turn off the neck pick up, play hard over the bridge pick up like Jack Bruce did.
  3. I support whatever gets kids learning music, in a day of age where schools are throwing music out. I think It would be more important to keep kids interested in music. and after ten years of signature models maybe Gibson should go back basics, making heavy solid guitars which made them such a respect company in the first place.
  4. Give me like 3 hours to get a grip on the page, I can figure it out. Doing it on the fly, not a chance. Tabs are even worse, whoever invented tabs needs to die. The best way to learn a song is by ear.
  5. nobody wants two awesome basses? These are closer to the real thing than what Fender is putting out now and half as cheap.
  6. That's a good looking bass, I can only imagine how much feedback comes from the F-holes. Is it me or John Entwistle play a EB-2 in early 60's. He rocked that bass hard. Well I am jealous Galoee. It's a cool bass.
  7. EB-2 are cool, those are the hollow bodies right? I would totally try to trade for one, but a lot of people ask a lot for them.
  8. Hey Gaolee, never looked there. Is there one there?
  9. I have two custom made Fender Basses made for the player here is some info. One is a built to spec Fender 64' Jazz and the other is a 51' P-Bass. They practically play themselfs, Set up with easy low action. They are more vintage correct than what Fender is putting out now. I am hoping you would like to trade Your Eb for one of them. I am in a Cream tribute band and need the Jack Bruce Bass. Here are some pictures http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/member-classifieds/103439-trade-pair-vintage-style-parts-basses.html Here are the specs Basses was built by Dave Certain on eBay (Bikebassnut) and also @ Certainbass.com in USA Parts from "ALLPARTS.COM" Jazz Specs. Fender Alder Body Nitro finish Fender Jazz neck *Custom thin profile, custom hand cut bone nut Gotoh Tuners Fender vintage style bridge Lindy Fralin No hum Pick ups Cloth wiring "Fender Ash Trays" Thumb rest. Comes with Fender TSA Hard shell case and Tele Specs. Fender Ash Body Lindy Fralin Pick Up Gotoh Tuners Fender vintage style bridge Fender Jazz neck *Custom thin profile, custom hand cut bone nut Varitone 6 selector switch. Comes with Fender Hard shell case
  10. You still think tube is best? I guess you have never tried out one of theses... Thing kicks butt for piano, guitar too!
  11. Say "You know" one more time Boosty Say it one more GodD**n Time! I dare you!
  12. I had it grilled I thought I would surly get a heart attack if I had original. It's actually not all that bad. At 570 Calories it's really nothing. But whats really bad is all the salt. I don't think you wan't me to tell you guys how many mg of salt it has.
  13. Circle of Fifths Major Scales Melodic Minor Harmonic Minor/Major Whole tone scales Master these things and you can play just about anything. Then we can move on to Bebop dominant scales and Spanish 8 tone scales.
  14. Used beat up firewood guitar BUT comes with brand new strings and strap locks!!!
  15. I have a Epiphone E-20-B from CMI. 40 watts perfect for the bedroom. I also used it as church and it was too loud there. I also have a Alamo Fury Bass/Guitar Amp at 25 Watts, sounds killer at low volume. at high volume it breaks up perfectly. For the most part I don't even plug in, I just feel the vibrations of the guitar, that's good enough for me.
  16. God they are fantastic, I ate one well two and they are everything in this world that is yummy.
  17. want to sell me your vintage jazz bass?
  18. Oh sorry I ment vice Versa Paly melody with my right and bass with my left.
  19. Ok, I have been play piano for six or seven months now. I played a little bit with Jesse's Led Zep Tribute band and a lot with my Christian band. I can play melody really good with my left hand and bass with right. I have a nice Kustom 88 electric piano, very similar to a Rhodes with out the tines. I play it through it through a Acoustic 260 guitar amp. Does any body have some tips or advice to become a better piano player? Any thoughts for better piano tone (Bright, Volume, Bass, Treble, Variamp, Fuzz, Reverb, Tremolo) Thanks Guys.
  20. Well, If you need Umpires. Me and Jesse are both Umpires we can do little league all the way to highschool and softball. Good luck with the rest of your season!
  21. Independence Day is more romantic comedy then a action film.
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