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  1. lol idk man ampegs are built pretty sturdy, and i can say that the last things on earth that would survive a atom bomb would be keith richards and ampeg bass cabs
  2. im working on getting a fender bassman 135 i think it should work well
  3. but thats after i put it in giant fishtank filled with jello thats hung from a highrise right?
  4. I saw this guitar and i didnt know what to think about, then I saw jimmy pagie playing so i thought it must be good, and i know there is diffrent models. so what are the differences? here the one i saw http://sacramento.craigslist.org/msg/950310969.html
  5. Man i just got it a couple of weeks ago and it is loud. I guess the cops were bangin on my door for five minutes and i couldnt hear them. Playing it through a 300 watt amp is awesome. They were so mad, it was funny. i think one cop was seriously questionably like the same sex. The amp is so loud it vibrates the fence out side of my garage. is there anyway (besides turning it down[-( ) to make my amp more quite?
  6. Ive been up and down the state of california trying to find a epi sg bass that doesnt buzz. Is it me or do all the sg basses have the same problem.
  7. I understand that they get free les pauls and everything else that gibson makes (kramer, epiphone whatever) they have great guitars but why do they have to play through epiphone amps? Gibson amps? can some one get them a marshall please. even a MG that would be ok too.
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