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  1. Cool video. I bet it smells like one huge amazing new guitar room near that rack of finished LPs
  2. Love, love this song. It's been one of my favorites too since I discovered it years ago. I had the chance to go to one of his shows when he was in PA, I definitely recommend going if you can find one close by. I might even have a video of him playing...I'll see if I can dig it up. The Mandolin Orange song was excellent, too.
  3. Is the Bose L1 the really tall acoustic amp? I think I saw one of those in our local shop but didn't know what it was.
  4. Good point. I like the uniqueness in it. It's the guitar's own fingerprint of sorts.
  5. Got it, makes sense. I think you're right, there's definitely a benefit to the overall sound by having both guitar and vocals together rather than separate.
  6. Agreed, that is great balance for having just the one mic. Did you do any reverb or any other retouches? Sounds great!
  7. I made a recording last year, Silent Night Merry Christmas!
  8. Yes it is a premium. I am having a great time with it! Hope you are as well, -Brian
  9. new standard sunburst! photo2 by bjb5228, on Flickr
  10. bjb5228

    Bedroom Amps

    I have the VHT special 6 ultra, and I highly recommend it. It has some great Fender like cleans, and great overdrive at a low volume. It also can be turned up to the full 6 watts, which is quite loud.
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