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  1. The special faded was around 600-700 new, it'll probably be less if you could find a used one.
  2. yeah it's legit. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Les-Paul-Special-Faded-Electric-Guitar-with-Humbuckers?sku=517199 i have the same model in yellow, 2003 model used for around $500.
  3. The local music shop has that same model that I've had my eye on for a year at least. It is my favorite acoustic guitar model around, great guitar.
  4. Maybe try going to the store and without looking at which one you are playing, make a decision. almost as if you were blindfolded. that way you can truly follow your heart. after all, a guitar isn't getting much use sitting around waiting to be sold in a few years. instruments like that were made to be appreciated....and played.
  5. bjb5228

    Vox Amp

    Last spring i bought the AD30VT, and it's been a great amp so far. it has the volume adjustment from 1 amp up to 30, so it cranks. the tone isn't completely comparable to a true tube amp, but the tube power amp gives it a good sound that is astronomically better than some solid state amps. all in all its a good amp for $250.
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    i think it would look pretty sexy with a guard on
  7. no it's not flush with the body, there is a gap. with the angle it kind of looks like in on the one shot
  8. Hey all, I've been wandering around on here for a while and finally decided to join in. I have a 2003 LP Special Faded, which isn't as pretty as the standards etc. but it sure sounds great, which is all that I ask for
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