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  1. Thats freaking sweet! I would love to make my own PU's
  2. We learn something new everyday brovman
  3. Thanks mate! I still havent sold yet! :(
  4. THANKS GUYS! Sorry i didnt reply sooner
  5. I have a triumph bass for sale if anybody is interested lol its the LP Custom Style one.
  6. Hello Gibs heads! I want to know what you all think of the Matt Heafy and your opinions on it? I think its a gorgeous LP and am considering saving up for one soon :D I just want to see some more insight from others!
  7. So funny how cheap this guitar looks XD but yeah this appears to be an 81 budget paul. Haha take care of her and call El Gibson to find out if it helps :3
  8. Hey anybody want to date this for me? Im thinking its a 1979 (using the "first and fifth" method) But not 100% sure Anyways were trying to sell it, just need to be able to describe it also.
  9. Dont mind me, just a bump for a gorgeous guitar :P The shop i work at has a 1981 Gold Top Les Paul (69 reissue) but its the classic LP design. This is one beauty though. Learn something new every day eh? Lol
  10. Ive got some gibsons for sale! VINTAGE!

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