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  1. I have this guitar for a long time and this problem has always been there, but it got worst. pick up height is not the problem I've tried multiple combinations. Yeah when I switched the connections the bridge pick up still sounds very low, so I'm thinking something is wrong with the pick up. But what?? it measures around 14 Ohms so it's on point... very confusing...
  2. No when the bridge p.u is on the neck jack it has low output
  3. Hy Guys! The bridge pick up on my 2011 Standard SG has a much lower output (regardless of the height) then that of the neck. I've measured the resistance and both pick ups return correct values. It´s a pcb board so I changed the connection of the pick ups ( neck to bridge slot an vice versa) and the bridge still has a low output. It must be a problem with the pick up but it measures ok.... any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, I measured the DC resistance and I got for the 490R 7.45 kO and 13.30kO in the 498T, I saw in the internet for the 490 R values should be 7.2 to 7.83, and the 498T 12.32 - 13.46 So it's all in the same parameters, any sugestions?
  5. Mine even with the neck straight as a ridiculous high action. Mine came from the factory with a underbow!! Men that irritaded me to a point that I almost returned it. The feeling I get from the epi hum is that the strings in standard tuning have twice the pull that's normal, and I play 10's.
  6. hey men he was completly messed up in the end, but I agree, in Keffs bio book the story is telled perfectly.
  7. Hy, I own a Epiphone Hummingbird and I hate it! I think I got a crappy one, the sound seems to be closed in a closet. The action is almost impossible to control, so impossible I use it only for slide. Besides that it constantly brakes strings. Despite all that, the constrction seems to be great and it looks good, maybe it's just not for me. Just my two cents...
  8. thanks for the reply cjsinla and DiamondJig Going to measure everything. Hope I find the problem. I'l post the results thanks!!
  9. Also qualified tech's don't exist where I live :-):
  10. Dereck's tone playing slide is out of this world. He seems to push a lot of gain and control it by using the volume. Great Guitarrist, a true folower of Duane Allman
  11. No way should a 498T be less output than the 490R. The 498T is a beast at 14+ ohms. Don't know what your true story is, did you just get this guitar or had it and this just happen or maybe your just troll'n and try'n to get hits on you link / Thanks for the reply. Man no kidding I normaly use the volume on the bridge at 10 alternating with the neck at 5, to get that dynamic shift. I got the guitar new a year ago, and the bridge pu never sounded that great, to the point that I now almost always use the neck pu. So I taught that it was the way it's supost to be, but recently it got lower and lower, so it must be a problem..
  12. Thanks m8 I'm going to check it, as soon as I know how. Yes they are covered. I'm starting to thing it might be related to sweat. I sweat a lot live, and I reck strings rapidly.
  13. Thanks for the reply 1.I checked the height of both pu's and regardless of the position the bridge is always lower 3.Stock pu's. The wiring is the new kind and it seems to be fine
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