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  1. Hey, has anyone had or fixed a short in the pickup selector switch? I've got this horrible scratchy sound when switching between pickups. Also get alot of hum which goes away when I touch the strings, pickups, or switch. Just looking to see if this is common, or tips to fix before I dig out my soldering iron. TIA
  2. That may have been me. I put them on a couple years ago and posted about 'em. Very jazzy and smooth as silk. Not for the Slip knot grind, but great for many styles of music. I used the Pyramid strings which were great. ps, I use .11s on all my guitars, even strat style, except my acoustic and reso which I use .13s. Much sweeter tone. Glad you found some you like.
  3. My GOR was my first Gibson purchase, after owning Fender Custom shops, Jacksons, Taylors, vintage Martins, National Resophonics, and various others. I can say, Gibson should compensate us if they can't do what they said they would do when we dropped our hard earned $ on 12-7-07. They should offer to buy back the robots at the price we paid, or offer a deep, and I mean DEEP discount on another purchase (like a thousand dollar credit) or get the upgrades ready and offer them for free at this point. Because nobody's home at Gibson, I now buy Reverend guitars. I bought a P-90 model, and I'm
  4. Yeah, if you found a great deal on a good guitar you like, you should buy it. Assuming you played it and the sound touches you, then it'll inspire you. In my opinion, you can get almost any sound that made radio air time up until the early 1990's. I have a tube amp and switch from 6v6 to EL34, and 6L6 tubes and the P-90's sound just about as pissed off as my LP with humbuckers. In some ways, it sounds more gritty. Now, if you play REALLY loud, like a cranked up amp, you will notice some extra noise, but it seems more alive. I would bet you can totally get aerosmith sounds with a P-
  5. VBB

    recording a LP?

    Thanks for the input. Is there the ability to be recording through the USB into the computer and have the signal play at the same time coming out through the head phone jack on the computer? So you can record and monitor at the same time. Or amplify at the same time.
  6. I've noticed that the Gibson Vintage Re-issue strings sound good with p-90s but they just don't flatter a modern LP with Humbuckers. Any idea why RI strings would be good on a new RI guitar? I know the pickups are voiced different than a new standard, but enough to make a big difference? Side note, anyone try DR Tite-Fit strings on a newer LP?
  7. VBB

    recording a LP?

    Can anyone recommend a mixer / recording board that is less expensive, has USB in/out and is a good quality. I want to record my LP with vocals in, and another guitar, bass or maybe play with original track. Any recommendations or warnings are appreciated.
  8. Im looking for info on the exact strings Gibson put on it's new guitars in 2007 to present day. Size (10's I think) and the brand (Gibson I would bet) and model (material component or model name) thanks.
  9. I don't know if the Allmans used flat wounds. I do know, that flatwounds are the way many vintage strings were made. I wasn't trying to get the Allman sound, just used them to describe the stringing method. Didn't know what it was called.
  10. http://www.juststrings.com/pyr-gf610.html?productid=pyr-gf610&channelid=FROOG I buy multiple sets and with shipping they are usually around 22 bucks a set. They're really good for a jazz or clean blues sound. Not so good for metal, but this axe won't be used for that.
  11. There ya go. I thought it looked like it started with a Y but didn't look like it said Yamaha and I couldn't think of anything else.
  12. Notice the Wem amp he's playing, nice sound. But the Gibson looking guitar he's playing looks like it says something else on the headstock. In his other videos looks like a vintage LP.
  13. Thanks for the help, the patience and the support. BTW, I'm not new to forums, in fact I'm a member of 4 guitar forums and 2 motorcycle forums, as well as 1 martial arts forum. In fact, I was a member of this forum a long time before my profile says, because I opened a new account after my computer bit the dust and I got a new email address. All the times I've cruised this site, I never noticed a thread about top wrap. You know, it's a fault of the Reticular Activating Cells in the human brain stem. Helping sift through the billions of bits of input so we can pull out the relavant th
  14. Yeah, ya see, if I wanted to read stale old posts about this, I would have done a search. I wanted current input from those willing to read my thread because those are the most likely to be rave reviews be they good or bad. These would be much more relevant and current. Of course if people are only going to refer everyone to search old topics, lets be consistent because every f-ing thing that can ever be said has been. I haven't looked at the LP main page today, but I'll bet there is a post about is my LP fake, and what color should I buy, and what amp should I buy, and so on and so on.
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