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  1. Good comparison, bad logic. First of all, non organic materials 'cure'. Like say, paint! Organic material always has a form of water as the moisture content. (example - tree sap, goes back to rain water) People erroneously use the word cure if something takes a long time, because we think of drying as a speedy occurance. This however is wrong. And yes, tree sap does dry, after a long time.
  2. Let me start by saying I don't know much, but here are my impressions: Nitro cellulose laquer takes a few years to completely dry. It dries from the outside - in. That is why you can touch the outside of your new guitar, but because it is pourous, the inside is still plyant for a long time. I think the pots were screwed too tight (factory defect) and when the nitro finally dried, it followed the stress cracks in the wood. That is NOT normal checking and I would want Gibson to address this.
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