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    Women, Good Music, Great Guitars, Motorcycles, Scotch, and lots of fun !!! In any order you'd like !!!
  1. My Sig "T" is named Little Iodine, she's a Wine Red Gold Series and she is hot !!!
  2. Page 25 of the Owners Manual that came with my Signature "T" last week says......" Your Gibson guitar comes strung with "10s" -- which means the high -E string is .010 inches in diameter, the low-E is .046 inches in diameter. The set is designed so that all strings are in proportion to one another, ensuring that the action and the volume will be consistent across the entire fingerboard. Gibson offers "9s", "11s" and a variety of other gauges and compositions, all of which are balanced for consistent tension." Glad I could help !!!
  3. Sooooooo, there is the question, please select an answer, and tell us about your decision, and about your Lester, model, color, age, etc... I think this will be a real good poll !!! Thanks for your input, I look forward to hearing from you !!!
  4. I have just finished my first round of customizations to my new LP Signature "T" today by changing out the T truss rod cover with a new blank cover, and installing the "Made in the U.S.A." Dunlop STRAPLOCK Strap Retaining System !!! I'm very happy with the job I did, I followed the instructions to a T (heh heh, get it, "to a T", heh heh, Sig "T" !!!) and it came out perfect!!! My new Gibson Strap slipped off the stock button at the front end twice on Saturday, I was lucky, I caught it both times, but I decided I better install the locks pronto. Now I don't have to worry about that any more, I just have to buy another set of locks if I want to switch the strap to my Riviera !!! I should, 'cause the new strap is nice, and the Riviera is heavy, and all I have is a cheap suede strap on it !!!
  5. Ok......... I have some questions about this wood stuff !!! First, I wanna know, did eyerish return the guitar because of the Granadillo, or did he keep it ? No one ever said what happened, and I am just a curious old coot to begin with !!! Second, I want to know, should I oil my Granadillo fretboard before dying it black, or dye it and then oil it ? Third, I was thinking to myself that I would use India Ink, because I know that stuff really stains wood good, and then I read the article on dyeing wood and the guy mentioned India Ink !!! Third I want to know, has anyone tried India Ink, and how did it turn out ??? Forth, how in the hell do you all get such big photos uploaded when I keep getting told I cant upload anything larger than 200k ??? And last but not least, if you look at my avatar you can sort of see my new Sig "T" with the Granadillo Armadillo fretboard, (which I am soooooooo glad I pulled the trigger on!) what do you think !!!??? ;>P
  6. Hello, is it safe ?

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