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  1. Did not offend at all! Thanks again, your friend, dale.
  2. thanks so much for the kind post..and even being willing to check this out!
  3. Thanks for these kind posts...we sure appreciate you taking your time to give this a look!
  4. Thanks so much for sharing your time to check this out!
  5. Congrats..beautiful guitar! Would you mind sharing where you bought it?
  6. Congrats on adding such a beautiful guitar to your family - so classic and I’m sure it sounds fantastic!
  7. Appreciate the info...it does make a huge difference.
  8. sure appreciate you checking this out!
  9. thanks...really appreciate you checking it out! The pic does show more sparkle to the top, to my eye i don't see it as much. Plays really well, i'm 'assuming' all these guitars have been set up with PLEK machine.
  10. Just received this guitar and love it...love to hear about and see pics of other Original Collection guitars!
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