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  1. Hard work, but worth it. I held the top in my fingers so I wouldn't damage it. Otherwise our techniques were simnilar
  2. Carving the pins was a steep learning curve. Initially I tried sandpaper, which took a lot of effort for little return. In the end I shaved them down using a stanley knife (box cutter) - checking the diameter frequently with calipers. I'm not sure if the same technique will work with bone, but I'll give it a try - otherwise I'll use the dremel.
  3. Just a quick update. I fitted ebony bridge pins to the EL-00 today. The new pins are ebony with a mother of pearl dot. They look much better than the original plastic. I'm not sure if they have made a difference to volume or overall tone, but they have definately improved sustain. Resizing the ebony pins was an interesting exercise. The first one took me 30 minutes to do and the last one about 1 minute - I improved my technique as I progressed. Now to get some bone pins for the AJ-45.
  4. I like the Satin finish. It reminds me of the finish on my Godin Kingpin (Cognac Burst) which is a favourite.
  5. I'm sure you'll become an AJ-45 fan when you try one .
  6. The AJ-45 is alot of guitar for the money. My bandmates, who play high end Matons, were very impressed with the tone and playability of the AJ-45. The EL-00 is a lot of fun. Amazing what a difference cleaning up the bridge plate made to the tone.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'll go with ebony.
  8. Thanks I am enjoying them. Having been an electric player for many years I found the action of both guitars to be high (just personal taste). I fitted a new bone saddle to the AJ-45 and lowered the action to where it suits me better. Then serendipity stepped in - I put the original AJ-45 saddle into the EL-00 and it was perfect. lowered the action to exactly where I wanted it. You don't always get that lucky. I want to fit a pickup/preamp to the EL-00. I initally thought about getting a nanoflex system, but the pickup costs almost as much as the guitar! I'll keep an eye out for alternatives. I would prefer a sound hole preamp so I don't have to cut holes on the guitar.
  9. Funny you should say that, I've been looking at bone, brass and ebony bridge pins. I'm thinking bone for the AJ-45 and Ebony for the EL-00. I may get a set of brass to try in both and see if they make an appreciable diffrence.
  10. Hi all, first post on the acoustic forum. I currently play in an acoustic/jug band. Although I mostly play banjo and lap steel I decided I needed an acoustic guitar. A local music store was having an Epiphone sale and I went along to check out an EJ-200 SCE. I liked the EJ200, though it wasn't as loud as I would have expected from a jumbo guitar. Then I tried a Masterbilt AJ-45. Wow. The vintage tone, "Gibson thump", massive sound and projection. It sold itself and followed me home. It also sounds wonderful plugged into an acoustic amp. I'm impressed with the nanoflex pickup. Then a few days ago I was in a local Cash Coverters and they had a 2010 Epiphone EL-00 going cheaply. Out of curiosity I gave it a try and loved the feel and blusey tone - very different voicing to the AJ45 and perfect for finger picking. Over the next couple of days I went back and played it a couple more times and finally bought it. The guitar was filthy and had quite a few pick scratches on the lower bout, but after a good clean an polish it looks brand new. One issue I did find was that when removing the strings, The D string was stuck in the bridge hole. I felt inside and the underside of the bridge plate was very rough with pieces of wood hanging off it where the string holes had been drilled. a few rubs with sandpaper removed the dags and smoothed the base of the plate. This significantly improved the tone. I restrung it with the original strings and noticed a marked increase in brightness, tone and volume - they sound like new strings. I'm guessing this is because the ball ends are now making strong contact with the bridge plate. Anyway I now have 2 epi acoustics and am one happy picker.
  11. The neck pickup on my 62 reissue Sheraton has stopped working. No warning, just silence. In the middle position there is no sound with the neck volume on 10, but roll the volume back to 8 and the bridge pickup comes through. The volume reaches it's peak with the neck vol on about 5, then starts to diminish as the vol is rolled off further. no sound at around 1. (it is only the bridge pickup producing sound.) I'm about to start investigating but thought I'd see if anyone had experienced similar issues.
  12. I've already got mine - 62 Sorrento reissue.
  13. I have one of these in Cherry. Very nice playing and sounding guitar. I polished mine with cutting compound and am happy with the resulting deep Cherry colour (think Gibson SG ). I also added a pickguard.
  14. +1 to that. My royal Olive Sorrento is my go to guitar for Jazz. I love those minihumbuckers.
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