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  1. Hello, sorry if I disturb you!

    But I planning to use the Cort Classic Rock II HB's without the tons of wax. I would like to know if you liked them without the covers. Thanks in advance, cheers, ALex FriAs

  2. Ok, ok... I'll get a photo or two up!
  3. I've had my new Sheraton for about a month now and can't say enough good things about it... more than capable of hanging with my Gibsons, even my '63 335 TDC. The 335 has a woodier tone played unplugged but plugged in, the Sheraton sounds amazing. It plays fantastic too... I bought it as a return from MF... and didn't know exactly what I'd be getting. Although some of the binding work isn't as crisp as it might be, the fit and finish of the rest of the guitar is flawless. The pots feel great, the coil taps don't sound too bad, and it really looks sharp in wine red. The only change I made
  4. I agree... the Richlite fingerboard on my Midtown feels great. Doesn't feel plastic-y or anything unusual and has a nice dark look akin to ebony. I have no problem with it at all.
  5. I'd guess Richlite but I could be wrong... Is it a Les Paul Custom you have?
  6. And here's the tele I mentioned... sorry for the Fender content
  7. a few funky glare marks from the photo don't do it justice but here she is... I'm still tinkering with getting the action just so but she plays and sounds fantastic. It's a little hard to tell playing through my practice amp but I think it's going to sound great through my "big rig". I'm temporarily living in an apartment where I can't really get after it like I'd like... I need to keep a lid on the volume of things so my regular amp and cab are lying dormant currently. Anyhow, I know how everyone loves pictures so wanted to get this posted. Cheers.
  8. congrats... looks like a fun project. That tele body reminds me of my MJT tele body. My project is complete and it came out awesome... plays and sounds spectacular and I'll try and get photos up and posted to share as soon as time allows. Cheers.
  9. Well, I decided to take the guitar to my repair guy for the final wiring... all my soldering gear is in storage currently and without a proper shop space, decided not to fill my apartment with the sweet and intoxicating smell of lead... a fact my fiancé will no doubt be happy about! May be ready by Saturday so I might be playing her by the weekend. Fingers crossed!
  10. a change of plans... found some cream/cream SD custom shop 59 pickups on Ebay and jumped on them. Looking forward to getting this puppy together! Just waiting on a few more parts.
  11. They do seem to have vanished... and apparently they aren't part of the regular 2016 lineup. Not sure what was up with that... I promise they really were listed on Sweetwater only about a month ago. Perhaps they were leftovers from last year but I didn't think they were part of last year's lineup either... or 2014 for that matter. I can't keep it all straight.
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty stoked. It'll basically be a LP Classic with the addition of a historic truss rod cover, pointer washers, different pickups, and a complete new wiring assembly... with the exception of an amber switch tip, the rest are all Gibson parts. I just never boded with my honey burst LP Traditional... I bought it on-line and the color of it in the photos and the actual color were quite different. It had a beautiful top however... Anyhow, that just sold so I had the money for this project.
  13. Well, I decided to pull the trigger on the Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbuckers... no cream/cream option so just went for the nickel covers. I was able to come up with enough scratch to order the rest of the parts as well, most all of which were Gibson parts. I'm going with a standard 5o's wiring scheme, CTS pots, Sprague PIO caps. All totaled it came out to around $1700 including a nice new brown/red Gibson case. Less than a new Les Paul but probably not a great investment for resale. In any event, I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can... cheers.
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