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  1. Hello, sorry if I disturb you!

    But I planning to use the Cort Classic Rock II HB's without the tons of wax. I would like to know if you liked them without the covers. Thanks in advance, cheers, ALex FriAs

  2. Here's my family of SGs... from L to R: '73 SG Standard Deluxe, 2006 '61 RI, '04 SG Standard, and my '16 SG Special T (70's tribute).
  3. here's a video of it in action if you're interested... https://youtu.be/QbIZcjluHyI
  4. I haven't put the knobs on yet but the rest is put together. What a great guitar this has turned out to be!
  5. The pickups are awesome... I like them better than the minis in my '83 LP Deluxe for sure! Don't be turned off by the pickups, and as far as initial set-ups go, that's largely a matter of taste... and IMO hard to please everyone. It's always great when it suits your tastes fresh out of the box but it doesn't bother me to have to do some tinkering around with it. It's an awesome guitar and I'm loving the Bigsby on mine. Though now I'm wondering if I should get a roller bridge so it stays in tune better/longer.
  6. I took delivery of my 2016 Gibson SG Special T, or 70's Tribute from Sweetwater a couple of weeks ago... I've seen it listed multiple ways. (and also seen incorrect specs listed on the Gibson site and MF). It does have the satin finish (Gibson has it listed as high gloss) and it has a maple neck (though a recent MF catalog had it listed as mahogany). In any event, my initial reaction was ho-hum... the action was set high and it requires numerous adjustments to get her playing "just-so". It's now playing much better (amazing actually), resonates beautifully unplugged, and sounds killer plugged in. The rosewood board is so dark and beautiful it almost looks like ebony. I've added a few more personal touches to make it a little more 70's-ish... Metal Keystone Kluson tuners, pointer washers, black speed knobs, and there's a Bigsby B5 on the way... I'll be sure to post pics when she's all done. Should be killer with the Bigsby... can't wait! Anyone else picked up one of these yet? What are your thoughts?
  7. Classy looker It's nice to see some non-burst LPs. I wonder Gibson has never made more white LP Standards? I think they'd look really sharp with the gold hardware but even with chrome hardware they'd look pretty nice. I have no idea about the hows and whys of their R&D and there are enough threads bashing the new line-up of 2015s so I'll let it go. They're still in business so clearly they must be doing OK without my 2 cents.
  8. Still loving the new Les Paul... it's one for the smoothest playing guitars I've ever played. That 50's neck is just to die for!
  9. Well, I took the LP plunge.... I didn't need a new guitar but I just couldn't resist. We all know how that goes, huh? It's my first "real" Les Paul (sort of). I have a 2010 wine red Trad Pro but it's got the push pull pots... I love it but have always wanted a flame top burst of some sort. I traded a strat for the Trad Pro and it wouldn't have been my first choice but it wet my whistle for Les Pauls. I also have a 2010 LP Special with p90s but that's a different beast altogether. The new one is a 2013 LP Traditional with the new honey burst finish and natural brown back... and she's a looker! I couldn't decide between the light burst or this finish, but this one crossed my way and I decided to go for it. I just got done playing for a few hours and it plays and sounds stellar... not too heavy, lighter than my Trad Pro I think but I haven't jumped on a scale with either of them. Still I'd guess under 10 pounds. I first started looking a few years ago and missed the boat on the 2013 closeouts... then last year with the anniversary banner I though "oh, next year," then this year with the weird (IMO) Les Paul 100 signature, goofy auto tuners, and the big 'ol price jump. I thought a used one would be the best way to go as far as classic looks, features, and affordability. The only changes I have planned for her are some strap locks, gold top hats, and a plain black historic truss rod cover (and I took the pickguard off, it's a shame to cover that gorgeous top!) The big 'ol neck feels AWESOME... I'm a huge fan of big necks and this one is pretty meaty. All in all, it's a pretty darn sweet axe and I'm looking forward to having her for a long time! Now, back to playing, but I had to share
  10. Bob Dylan's Senor... enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f6erJslOJg
  11. You're looks to have a nice flame going on, very nice indeed... I'm not sure that the earlier LPTP IIs had flame tops, it seems that the newer ones do however. Mine is a bit of a plain Jane but that's fine by me. I suppose you're right about that model being hard to come by there as they're a Guitar Center model. Out of curiosity, do have have UK retailer specific models there? Cheers, JG
  12. Here's my re-vamped LP Trad Pro II... I just put the finishing touches on her by adding the p/up covers. I also added some PIO caps, new knobs, and the previous owner added the "Standard" truss rod cover. It has a bit of a 70's vibe which I love... and man, does she sound great! Time to leave well enough alone. And a shot of my freshly completed 2x12 Cab... you'd be hard pressed to imagine that it's being driven by a 15 watt head given the volume it puts out... it's unreal and sounds fantastic for classic rock/Jerry tones.
  13. JamGuy

    L6-S Fan Club

    I do like the look of the ebony board... very nice indeed. Thanks all for keeping this thread alive! (and for posting pics! )
  14. JamGuy

    L6-S Fan Club

    According to the site, it came back as a 70, 71, or 72... they weren't in production 'til '73 so I guess it may be safe to assume it's a '73... I guess I'll never really know for sure.
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