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  1. I find for all the stick it gets, 'The Final Cut' is actually a bit of an un-appreciated gem. Yes, it's Roger Walters banging the same drum about why his dad had to die and why his school days were so crap but the album has some good lyricism and arrangements on it. 'Paranoid Eyes' in particular is a great track. 'Animals' is probably my favourite Floyd album though. After my Dad died, I inherited his vinyl collection, bought myself a decent turntable and have slowly added to what he left me and I have a much better appreciation of 70's rock now.
  2. I wish my parents had bought me a Les Paul when I first started guitar - your son is one lucky kid!
  3. I did have a 'before' thread in the Restoration section from some months back but sadly, the place where I hosted the pics has got rid of them. What I can say is he has done a cracking job of restoring the finish and as far as I am aware, all he really did was give it a light polish - he definitely said he didn't want to be abrasive or damage the lacquer in any way
  4. About a year or so ago, I had an itch that I had to scratch regarding buying a vintage guitar and lo, I ended up buying a 1939 L30. However, there were some issues - it looked every single one of its ~80 years, it needed new frets, the tuners and bushings were in a state, it was very buzzy and rattly and the varnish was in a bit of a state as well. It got put to the back burner for a while but at the beginning of this month, I found a local luthier and decided to get it the TLC it deserved. I picked it up today and my God, it is incredible! The neck feels absolutely fantastic; it's a V profile that I thought would be horribly uncomfortable but the reverse is true; it's super playable. He managed to bring out a good shine on it and even out the finish (there was a horrible shiny patch where the pickguard had been). Anyway, judge for thyself: Other stuff done: New Stew Mac tuner bushings to replace the old ill-fitted ones New bone nut Refret and dress Bridge adjustment and intonation Reglued some braces that were lifting Evened out and buffed up the finish Both he and I were keen to keep the originality of the finish as much as possible - although it looks well worn and it really is, it wears the years well. It's definitely a survivor, this guitar. Here's to another 80 years!
  5. I thought the whole point of a PRS, the USP if you will, is that it didn't sound like a Les Paul?
  6. Passive-aggressiveness aside, you've had a couple of replies offering some solid advice as to how to get a value for your guitar but ultimately, any valuation given online is basically a finger in the wind and subject to all sorts of variations such as local economy, supply and demand, condition and so forth. If you want an accurate and unbiased opinion then you need to take it to a professional and get it valued as such and any such professional is going to charge for that service. There is no point pissing and moaning about it - speculate to accumulate. I've only frequented these forums for a few months or so but even in that short time there are loads of people posting 'oh, I got left this guitar by my Dad, Grandad, found in an attic - how much is it worth' and honestly, the form answer that could be copied and pasted to all of them is 'depends'. Best you will get is a ballpark figure and if that is not good enough, seek professional advice same as you would for literally any other item of value.
  7. I second the Pedaltrain, I have one and it is very good. that being said, it's just a metal frame with velcro so if you are on a budget, you can knock something up for a fraction of the price. Over on Reddit r/guitarpedals there are a bunch of people who made their own boards out of shelving units and all sorts. I use a Truetone 1Spot CS12 to power my board and it's more than enough for my needs.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have done a lot of these songs already but there are some there that I haven't tried so will give them a whirl!
  9. I bought my Blueshawk and my Nighthawk completely by accident. I bought a Fender Blues Junior off Facebook Marketplace and traveled to the bloke's house to pick it up. He had a Nighthawk there and he let me use it to test the amp out. I was smitten immediately both by the amp and the guitar so when I got home, I had a hunt around for one of my own. Ended up with a '93 Nighthawk of my own. A bit beaten up and well used by still lovely nonetheless. As part of posting my find here, I then stumbled across the Nighthawk's stablemate, the Blueshawk and I figured I needed one of those as well. A search on Reverb later and I found a beautifully intact example from a seller in Germany. I absolutely love it - it screams through my tube amps more so than my other Gibsons or Fenders do; there is something unique about the sound. Every so often, there comes a day when the amp, the guitar and my playing just seem to 'click' and everything sounds great. More often than not, that happens when I am playing the Blueshawk. I love it, it is absolutely right up there as one of my favourite guitars.
  10. The point is I can't play anything more modern than let's say 1980 without being met with indifference. They don't want join in, engage or even attempt to play along because they don't know the songs and don't really care. So short of sitting there listening to the same tired old folk songs I have been listening to every week for the last 18 months, I am and have been trying to play stuff they *do* know. Sadly, I am coming to the limits of popular songs from the 50's to the late 70's that I know, hence why I am soliciting any suggestions. Unfortunately, I only have a limited amount of time to devote to learning new stuff in between everything else that I need to do so obscure stuff won't really work - it'll take me too long to learn the melody off Youtube and the word cadences etc. I've done California Dreamin' and I don't know any other Mamas and Papas stuff, sorry.
  11. Yeah, I have heard of the name and it rings a bell but I am not familiar with any of his stuff.
  12. Don't know John Mellancamp very well so will look that up. I've done Fire & Rain, that went quite well same with CCR Green River and Have You Ever Seen The Rain.
  13. There are a couple of blokes who play the penny whistle (badly) and the ukulele respectively. Their songs are 'Dirty Old Town', 'Black Velvet Band', 'Wild Rover' and 'I'm A Believer'. It all started off as a folk club nominally but no-one really plays 'folk' music - I learned a bunch of Steeleye Span songs to help ease in and that did the trick, they knew those ones.
  14. If you know the model number and date then you would be just as better off doing a search on Reverb or similar auction sites and seeing what similar model/year/condition guitars go for; that will give you a rough idea of a guide price. As with everything, these things fluctuate in price due to underlying economic trends, supply and demand and all that. As for condition, it depends. If the neck is only slightly warped, you might better off selling 'as is', describing it as such and allowing the buyer to make his/her decision over whether and where to get it fixed. You potentially run the risk of getting a sub-par fix that affects the price.
  15. I play at a local acoustic guitar 'club' every Wednesday - I say 'club' because it is really just an excuse for a bunch of people to get together and have a drink and a chat but we do play songs, well, at least, I do. I try and learn 2/3 new songs every week and play them - I now have a box file about 3 inches thick of printed song sheets that I have played every week for the last year and a half. Now, the problem is I am by far the youngest person there by about 30 years or so and if I try and play 'new' songs, say anything written within the last 40 years or so, I am usually met with blank stares. The whole point of the club is for the novice guitarists to join in but obviously they can't do that easily with tunes they don't know so I try my damnedest to learn and sing songs they might know - but I am running out of ideas. If I don't play songs, the others usually fall back on the same 5 tunes that they play every week, without fail. It is a touch repetitive as you can imagine. So please can you list some good go-to, easy(ish) to play acoustic songs that work well at an informal pub setting. No Beatles please (I can't stand them, sorry!) but anything else goes as long as it is popular and relatively well-known. Chances are, I may well have played it before but the more suggestions the merrier.
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