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  1. If you have a Blues Jr, a top tip I learned was to turn the Master control to max and then use the Volume control to set the level. I have mine set to 2 and that is plenty loud enough but it apparently helps to get the best tone out of them.
  2. I'd exchange. This issue now could be a harbinger of something more problematic down the line. Why risk the stress? Get it switched out now.
  3. Definitely. Volume is not necessarily required to hear the characteristics of each guitar, at least not in my (albeit limited) experience. I own a 2015 Les Paul, a 2019 HP Les Paul, a 2012 SG, a 2019 Firebird, a 2019 Fender Elite HSS Shawbucker, a 2016 Fender Tele and a 2012 Fender Strat and they all sound different with a unique voice, even at the low volumes I play at. Different guitars suit different amps and pedals too.
  4. I have a bunch of amps and a bunch of electrics and I play exclusively at home, at low(ish) volumes, in my study. I would love to crank my Marshall and get the power amp overdrive that everyone seems to rave about but sadly, a wife, kids and close neighbours mean I have to be satisfied in recreating that tone with an overdrive pedal. Mostly, it sounds OK although I would caution against chasing the tone rabbit hole where you think 'oh, just this pedal/amp/guitar' will make my tone awesome - it's an easy trap to get into! Latest acquisition is a Fender Blues Jr and couple with a Boss EQ pedal to raise the Mids and Highs just a smidge, it really sings. Loving it so far.
  5. So reading this thread the other day, inspired me to buy a Boss GE-7 EQ pedal and I have spent an hour or so productively fiddling with it so far. Haven't found that 'holy grail' setting just yet but I am encouraged enough by the results so far to keep trying. It got me thinking though as a good idea for discussion, what is your 'secret weapon' pedal (for those of you who use pedals, of course)? What is the one pedal that you absolutely, positively cannot do without? Just to kick it off, this is mine: Which is the ThorpyFX Fat General pedal. Never previously paid much mind to compression pedals but after reading reviews of this and after buying one, it never leaves my board and is never switched off - I find it that essential to my tone. So what say you? Show me your secrets!
  6. Filbert


    Actually this topic makes me think of a 'reverse mondegreen' where I was 17 and travelling in the car with Dad, listening to a band called The Wildhearts and the track 'My Baby is A Headf**k'. Dad asked me if they were singing 'my baby is a heifer' and all I could do was nod and agree...
  7. A wipe down with Dr Duck's Axe Wax is also supposed to help breathe life into old strings, or so it says on the bottle anyway.
  8. Filbert


    For me, it would be 'revved up like a d o u c h e' from Blinded By The Light.
  9. I ended up going down the rabbit hole by Googling it and then watching a bunch of Youtube demo/review videos before deciding maybe, just maybe this could be the missing part of the tone jigsaw (honestly!)
  10. This forum is bad for my wallet! Ended up buying a Boss EQ pedal today, inspired by this thread and a Fender Blues Junior inspired by another 🙂
  11. Newest purchase is my Hummingbird that I got a couple of days ago - loving it so far and it makes a pleasing alternative to my Martins. Favourite guitars? Well, electric-wise it is a very closely run race between my HP Les Paul and my Firebird - I can't choose between them right now. Acoustic-wise, well my absolute favourite is my D-45 but I have to say my two Gibsons, the Hummingbird and my J-15, run it very close, with a special mention to my D-28 as well.
  12. I would play it but I can understand those who would say 'no' and appreciate the reasoning behind that answer, especially if this is a really rare instrument. But I just feel there is nothing sadder than a musical instrument sitting in a case or a glass cupboard because the owner is too scared to play it for fear of wear or damage. Can you not come to sort of compromise and play it but insure it heavily against damage?
  13. Really loving it so far, it compares and contrasts very favourably to my Martins. With a new set of strings on and a couple of hours play time, it is really starting to respond. Very much enjoying it at the moment. It's coming with me to the acoustic session at my local pub tonight!
  14. Filbert

    Kramer Ferrington

    I have a Kramer Ferrington electro/acoustic guitar from the '80's that my late father left me. It does, however, need some TLC - it needs a new nut and some general fettling. It also has a dent/bash to the back that I am guessing will need to be filled, sanded and refinished, assuming such a thing is possible (I don't know). I was just wondering if these guitars have any intrinsic value beyond the sentimental? I don't really know much about them.
  15. Definitely. There's no right or wrong in music, it's all about heart, soul and feeling IMO. No-one would dare tell Willie Nelson he was doing it wrong and he's worn a hole in the darn thing!
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