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  1. I think I saw Samurai Guitarist review this on his Youtube channel as part of his gimmicky effects pedals series. Looked like a neat use of technology but little more than a curiosity really.
  2. I only have a couple; most of my guitars are either Gibson or Martin but I have these two plus a Tele downstairs:
  3. There is a school of thought that suggests if you have reasonably oily fingers and play your guitar regularly, the natural oils from your fingers are enough to keep the fingerboard sufficiently oiled.
  4. If you are going to oil it, remember to only do so very infrequently and that less is more. I personally only use fretboard conditioner maybe once a year on each of my guitars along with the very occasional application of Dr Duck's Axe Wax.
  5. To be honest, they are both new-ish guitars (<5 years) and probably haven't fully opened up or played in yet. Add to that, I don't have the best ear so I might not be the best judge of sound quality. If you blindfolded me, I would probably struggle to tell any of my acoustics apart. The reason I bought a couple of Gibson acoustics was because I wanted them, not really because I thought they sounded significantly different. Having said all that, I would say that the Martins are a little more bassier and the Gibson Hummingbird tends towards the mids a little more. A better ear than mine would certainly be able to tell the difference. Part of that would be the strings though; I use Martin Clapton Mediums on the D28 and Martin Monel Lights on the Hummingbird.
  6. Acoustic-wise, I own a Martin D45, a D28, a 0015M, a Gibson J15, a Hummingbird and a '39 L30. If you pointed a gun at my head and forced me to pick one of the Gibsons to complement the Martins, I would choose the Hummingbird.
  7. I have a tweed Blues Junior that I absolutely adore. The only niggle is finding the sweet spot between 0.75 and 1 on the volume dial where it goes from being too quiet to ear-meltingly loud.
  8. Right or wrong, when you go on sites like Reddit, discussing guitars, the line tossed around about Gibson is that they are really only bought by dentists or accountants who late in life, now have the money to afford one. Bit like Harley Davidsons in that regard I guess. So far, of all the people who have responded in this thread, I am the youngest and at 40, I don't really consider myself young at all. It's a shame that Gibson has gone from having a reputation for fine quality yet affordable instruments are now well into the prestige/boutique section in terms of pricing. Having said all that, I bought a Jr Special recently for a very affordable and competitive price so hopefully this heralds Gibson getting back into the entry-level area a little more. Think of all those great bands in the 60's and 70's that made Gibson the name it is now; I'm not so sure many of those musicians starting out on their path to stardom would consider a Gibson at today's equivalent prices.
  9. I have a couple of small Marshalls - a DSL15c and a DSL1c and they are both excellent. Also come with a switch on the back to halve the wattage if you feel they are too loud. Being a bedroom player, I can't crank mine too much (not unless I wish to preserve my marriage anyway) but they both sound very respectable even at low volumes. If you aren't completely put off by solid state, I would also recommend the new Vox Cambridge50. Got one of those the other day and it is superb. Even has a a variety of amp voicings from classic Vox AC30 to Dumble Overdrive Special. Sounds awesome. I don't know or understand the full intricacies of the technology but it uses something called a NuTube to simulate a proper vacuum tube. It's kind of a halfway house between full tube amp and solid state. I struggle to tell the difference between it and my tube amps.
  10. For what it's worth, I have a 2015 from new as well and the G-Force has been absolutely bullet proof.
  11. Judging by the logo and the way the serial number is etched, I think it’s a fake.
  12. Top wrap your strings, that will help with the break angle going into the bridge.
  13. This is a good example of the Stew Mac videos on the subject: I don't have any experience with that model but just yesterday, I got a Flying V off ebay that needed the pups setting and I just used the method I gave above. Eyeball (or earball, if you will) and adjust to taste. There is no right or wrong; what works for your ears may not work for me or for my amp setup, for that matter.
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