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  1. I was late to the HP 2 party. I may not be the only one.. This id for them... lol. Thanks.
  2. I just watched a new review from Andertons about the 2018 Gibson HP line (their 2nd review of this year). They did a recap because the new 2018 HP guitars are now showing up without the G-Force tuning system. This isn't a post for g-force haters or pro g-force. I just think that the HP line being advertised as a modern guitar with the auto tuners should have them on the guitar. Or has there been so many negative reviews on the g-force that Gibson just completely abandoned all the years and money they sunk into it? I also wonder if it may be because the company (tronical) that makes the g-force is now suing Gibson. Either way, I wouldn't have known that Gibson stopped putting the G-force on the HP line without seeing the Andertons video on youtube because Gibson is still showing and advertising the G-force on their HP line. I have 5 Les Pauls and 2 of them (a 2015 and a 2017HP) have the g-force and I use them without any issues. They both work for what I do and I think they are very useful although I get not having the choice in 2015 pissed a few people off but if you don't like it , take it off and sell it. My other main guitar is a 2017 Gibson Les Paul standard T and I have no problems with the guitar not having the G-force. My only issue with the 2017 standard was the pickups. So I swapped them out ofr a Seymour Duncan Alternative 8 in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the neck. A pickup swap is more expensive than replacing tuning keys. Just saying....
  3. The Les Paul Studio has a thinner body than a traditional Les Paul. No much thinner but that may be the reason for the short switch. Switch craft is what I see most people use as a replacement.
  4. You can change the tranny fluid without any issues. It's a myth that it makes it worse just like the old myth that if you use synthetic motor oil you can't go back to conventional motor oil. I've heard tons of those myths. I was a mechanic for years and went to school for it and worked at an automotive garage (1992-2001). I stopped doing it as a job because I started hateing it plus 3 back surgeries kinda limited me. I still do mechanic work on my stuff along with family and friends vehicles. I change the tran fluid every 20k in my vehicles.
  5. I don't believe that Gibson offered a Les Paul Classic in a tobacco burst finnish in 2017! Both Classic HP and T models were Green Ocean Burst, Heritage Cherry Sunburst and a Gold top. The 2017 Classic (traditional line) had a couple of extra options later in the year and they were a Heritage Cherry Sunburst with a Plus top and the other color was Surf Green. I didn't see any 2017 Gibson Les Paul Classic tobacco Burst. As for the 2017 Gibson les Paul Traditional I do not believe they offered a tobacco burst finnish either. The Traditional line colors were Antique Burst, Heritage Cherry Sunburst and Honey Burst.
  6. I'm going to be ordering a Bare Knuckle Miracle Man pickup to put in the bridge of my 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard T. I've read some reviews and watched the few demos of the miracle man pup I could find. I normally go with Seymour Duncan as my passive pickup and EMG as my active. I found the miracle man pickup while doing some searching for something a little differant. It is a passive pickup based on Zakk Wyldes sound which is active emg's. I already have 2 les pauls loaded with ZW EMG"S and my 2015 Gibson Les Paul Classic has a Seymour Duncan Alternitive 8 (alnico 8 magnet)in the bridge. I found the SD pup because I wanted a hot pickup without loosing the alnico feel. It is a great pickup. I just don't want every guitar to sound the same so I believe the Bare Knuckle miracle man will add something differant to my tone. If anybody has any experiance with this pickup let me know what you think. MY final Les Paul will be staying stock. I picked up a 2017Gibson Les Paul Traditional HP with Burbucker 2 neck and a burstbucker 3plus in the bridge andsounds mean and agressive. It was not what I expected it to sound like so I was pleasantly suprised. Backto the subject, Just looking for feedback on Bare Knuckle miracle man pickup and Bare Knuckle pickups in general.
  7. The only reason I brought it up was because I thought it was funny that after all this time it was a post about an obvious screw up on the web site. I don't cry over such things. I'll still be here when somebody has any questions that I may be able to help with. Although I usually only answer stuff I know about or I send them to somebody I think may have the answer. Oh well! As long as we all have fun....
  8. Guess I never offended anybody until I posted about the cracked head stock on Gibsons site.
  9. They had this on here a long time ago and then they got rid of it but for some reason they brought it back. It's not important to me because I'm not here for a popularity contest. I just thought it was a funny coincidence that after my post on a bad picture that Gibson posted got me a negative reputation..
  10. Well my reputation is at a -1 now. I've been here since 2014 when I bought my 3rd Les Paul (I have 5 now) a 2015 Gibson Les Paul Classic which was one from the line everybody Loved ( I know, I'm one of the few who liked the 2015 line)... Anyway! I think it's funny how my rep was neutral until a day ago, which was a few days after I posted about Gibson showing a 2nd Blemished guitar on their site. 1st was the chipped guitar and the 2nd was the 2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional (Tobacco Burst) with a crack in the back of the head stock. I was simply airing my grievance about posting on the Gibson site about it and then they removed my post 2 days later. I tried posting again only to be denied. I put up the 1st post in Sept. when they posted the pick. I simply stated on the forums that instead of deleting and denying post they could have photo shopped the pic. ( I believed as of 2 days ago they fixed the pic.). Then I made a point of bringing up an article from Gear News about the same photo and Gibson deleting post. Low and behold after being in the forums since 2014 with a neutral rep. I've been busted down to -1... I wonder what our old pal Donny would have thought... For those of you that have been her for a while you know who I'm talking about. We miss you Mr. Craven... lol... Is it Gibson who controls the reputation points or the people. I wonder???
  11. They do know how to use photo shop.. I just saw an article on this again earlier today on a gear news site that made it to facebook saying how people had told Gibson about it since Sept. and all they did was delete comments.
  12. This pic. has been up since they released the new line. I can't believe nobody from Gibson has fixed this pic. yet. They know it's there because they have deleted my first comment (with a copy of the pic.) and all the other times they did NOT approve my comment.
  13. The 2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional (Tobacco Burst) pictured on Gibsons site has a huge crack in the back of the head stock. I've tried posting a comment on it at least 5 or 6 times only to have in deleted or not approved after the first deleted post. The amount of time deleting and not allowing post, they could have photo shopped the crack out of the photo. I'm not hateing on Gibson. I own 5 Les Pauls that include a 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard T, 2017 Traditional HP and my main guitar is from the hated 2015 Line. All I was trying to point out is that at least 2 times in a 6 month period Gibson has posted a pic. of a blemished guitar on their site. I do have some QC issues with them considering it took 4 tries before getting my current 2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional HP without any major issues. 2 showed up with cracked titanium nut housings (which Gibson says was due to shipping). I can tell you it was NOT due to shipping considering there was not any other damage to the guitars and they were shipped in a metal case without damage. Another had electrical issues along with blemishes.When I finially got the one that was perfect it was just that PERFECT. We shouldn't have to go through 5 guitars to get 1! I almost didn't go for an HP because of the first 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard HP I ordered. When the 2017 Standard HP blueberry burst I ordered showed up it had saw dust in the case and all 4 knobs wobbled. When I opened up the back control pocket I saw the circut board crammed in so tight it was bent about to break and somebody at Gibson hand chisled out the control pocket by hand to try to make electronics fit. It looked like crap and they left giant chunks of wood and a ton of saw dust inside the guitar. I sent it back. I saw a 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard T in blueberry burst and bought it instead. I decided to try my luck with another HP. As I stated before it took 5 guitars before I got 1 that was a keeper. If their QC sucks so bad on their website pics. How bad does the QC suck for the actual 2018 line? Every Gibson I've bought has cost me between $2300 to $2800 and none have beenperfect as soon as I received it. I've either had to send it back or I accepted a blemish (with a discount or I would not have kept them). The one and only guitar I bought that was perfect when it arrived was the Jackson RR flying V I bought for my son. It was $700 and it was NOT even shipped in a case. Explain that to me! A $700 non american made guitar shipped without a case shows up PERFECT but a $2800 Gibson Les Paul in a Metal case shows up blemmished /broken more often than not. WTF Rant over. All this because they refused to let me say, Hey! you put up a pic. of a broken guitar on your site. Fix it.
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