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  1. Hey Seb, similar story here. I'm looking for someone to jam with. I'm in the Ryde area. Give me a hoy if interested. Don't worry, I'm not that good. Cheers mate.
  2. The quantum of rosewood used in instruments is relatively small compared to that used for furniture. You can prohibit export subject to the right paperwork, but in some countries, a blind eye is turned to wanton felling of 'lumber' be it whatever species. This 'lumber' is then used to make furniture for local consumption. Sure we have to safeguard species and all, but how do you regulate in-country use. I grew up in a country where you could buy chairs and tables made out of solid ebony. I'm sure you can still get them.
  3. Going to try it this weekend & let you know.
  4. Hi all and a Happy New Year to you. The general advice is to put a distortion effect / pedal in front of the amp input instead of in the effects loop. I got this Laney IRT-PULSE http://www.laney.co.uk/products/irt-pulse/ which is more of a valve preamp than your standard distortion pedal. I'm running a Mesa Express 5:25+ which has five 12AX7s and was thinking of adding the IRT in the loop to give me seven 12AX7s. More gain me thinks!! If the IRT works / sounds good in the loop, it will make it easier for me to wire up my pedal board. This thing has the I/O top & botto
  5. Just want some headphones mate. But, appreciate learning something new as I didn't know all this even existed!
  6. Unless you are into watches and know what each part is and does. That said though, it's pretty garish
  7. Hi - late back into this. I can't upload photos due to size restrictions
  8. Thanks all. I've found a shop that stocks all these brands and more. Only problem (maybe) is they are a hifi shop - not a music shop so I can't sit and play to simulate a 'real' environment. No matter, I'll give it a shot. Just in time to get the better half to put something under the tree for me. Usually the card says "To Me From Me". The kids usually crack with the "To Dad From Dad". Happy holidays.
  9. Them's some funky ear cans alright
  10. looking at your gear list Ace, how big's your house and car / van / bus / B-Double??
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions on headphones to plug into my amp for quiet practice. Something that goes over the ear, not heavy, doesn't get hot / make you sweat, good quality sound, etc. I've found these online: 1. Audio Technica ATH-M50, M20 & M40 2. AKG K240 3. Sennheiser HD598 What do you guys use and can you recommend anything up to say $150? Thanks
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