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  1. there's no super magic.. people talk about oils and what's it made of etc. just buy a product like Dunlop 65 or Gibson's .. you're only putting a few drops on it in the first place.. you're not marinating steaks. buy some 0000 steel wool (that's 4 zero's,, don't just less) . pull the strings.. put a few drops of fretboard oil on it between frets on the board.. rub the fretboard with the steel wool all the way down.. wipe with a clean cloth.. and yer done.
  2. Yes lighter fluid is a cleaning agent, yes safe on nitro. Yes the the finish gets wrecked with some T shirt surfaces. No namptha will not fix it. Same goes with mosquitoe spray like OFF, it will wreck a nitro finish ( found out the hard way) Also you missed Gig rule #1: never advertise another band when you're playing a gig. From what I know about nitro surfaces, you'll probably want to get some nitro from Stewmac, put it on the effected area Nitro will blend into itself. Since it's on the back, if it was me I'd leave it as a gig scare
  3. Namptha aka luther fliud probably unstick and clean it
  4. All I can say is I'm jealous of anyone that got yo be locked down and had time to play more. Work at my office has my flat out. Enjoy the guitar journey
  5. @Leadfoot long since known Kris Derrig built the first guitar LP clone Slash used https://www.slashsworld.com/equipment/guitars/59-les-paul-replica-built-by-kris-derrig/
  6. Or if you have to, there is the height adjustment nut on the underside of that in the control cavity
  7. I thought when they added one of the many versions of powered tuners at one of the "Henry " years it stood for Technology
  8. @Renato this thread is from 2011. I suggest getting yourself an imgur.com account loading in picture of your guitar and starting a new thread and not use one from 2011... 9 years old Never seen a real Gibson use an MSM serial number
  9. Although quite an old thread, I remember Guitar Centre years ago was using a serial number format like that R8 58 R9 59 R0 60 Reissue
  10. Ask them to remove the truss rod cover and take a picture of the truss rod nut. I should be a nut not allen key
  11. Stolen would not account for a extra digit in the serial number.
  12. With the crack repair in the back of the headstock, I'd almost say head was replaced from another guitar. That would account for oddball serial number Just guessing out loud
  13. I second use of a black sharpie, Otherwise leave it
  14. @Sgt. Pepper Think you mean age 13, don't Remember him opening up for BB after age 13.
  15. But at least Bonamassa tours with some of them, and actually knows what to do with them, unlike football team owners Chalk it up to a 9yr old thread though
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