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  1. Open up a imgur.com account upload your pictures to it post img links in your post
  2. Price increases have nothing to do with a current government, same argument for more than 100yrs, want some tea? all prices go up yearly regardless if JFK was in. check out a price of a car in 2022 then today in 2024, poof, in “old days” cars increased in Sept. Gibson seems to increase in new yrs/spring. Now i just have to figure out how to pay for bread and milk , how much is a gallon of gas?
  3. I’m pretty sure my house hun is outside from utility connection
  4. I have a hum in my house some days are better than others I have one of those outlet testers shows every thing green
  5. @ChristianP email Yorkville Sound in Ajax Ontario Canada they are the importer/distributor for Gibson in Canada , plus they run Long and McQuade music stores they’ve had exclusive runs made before
  6. Think I saw this posted on the Les Paul Facebook group and there are some very knowledgeable Gibson employees on that group. only one I can think of who studied pickups that closely is Seymour Duncan or MJ his master winder. maybe fling them an email
  7. @Apostlerock um you have a 17 yr old guitar that’s got a crack. it probably should have a number of dings and scratches in it by now if it was played , esp if played live. even in a church I’ve wacked my guitar (unintentionally) into a mic stand or music stand.
  8. Not sure but I follow Johnny A on Facebook and he seems to respond to people. maybe he knows
  9. Looks like what is called “orange peel” that’s where the buffing wheel can’t get into a spot to smooth out the nitro
  10. I was thinking “crap that’s more than $60,000usd in guitars” I can’t buy 1 let alone 6, where’s the jealousy emoji’s?
  11. LPCS in the hand written pickup cavity those are codes to the finishers if yours was a Custom Shop the serial number on the head stock would start CS as for pickups, you either like them or you don’t wouldn’t worry about trying to put it back to factory,, many pickup manufacturers, pick ones you like
  12. Nitro will blend into itself buffing the daylight’s out of it will remove the nitro if you’re into DYI , get some nitro from Stewmac and spray a new coat your results may vary
  13. If you’re making wiring changes, it won’t be with that board you won’t be disordering components from the board the long time go to is 500k ohm pots all around, even if the guitar came with 300’s Just get some 500’s and some paper in oil caps unless you get “fancy “ and have 4 wire pickups then you can get push/pull 500k ohm pots
  14. If it’s new contact the seller to get the pickup replaced as for guitars going sharp you’re pressing to hard on the string , a Les Paul is not a Strat. They are more touch sensitive. mashing the string to the fretboard will pull it sharp
  15. Headstock was broken off and re-glued back on I’d probably skip it unless it’s really cheap
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