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  1. @SG Sydney why don't you play with a strap sitting, Few grams in tuners won't help the dive
  2. Custom's Block inlays and rosewood finger board would be my first guess
  3. There was a time that Gibson started using 300k pots instead of 500k Audio tape vs linear taper. Yes volume post are audio tape, linear taper doesn't work well for volume pots Some pots are better built better . I found RS Guitar Works pot taper better than most having a usable 0-10 control
  4. @tom brown you really can't load pictures directly Have to use a image hosting site like imgur.com and post the picture url link
  5. Listen to some Alex Lifeson then ask you think he lacks tone?
  6. When have we ever seen prices go down? Government taxes lowered every year Last time Chev or Ford put out a new model yr cheaper than the one before Think not
  7. If I was a "guessing " person, I would suspect Murphy aged products have their nitro significantly dried out compared to the 'normal ' run . It would help with the hazing and checking they do to make a guitar look played in aged. I would think that dryer nitro would also chip easily too. Good luck with your returns
  8. My house has bad AC hum more so on some nights that others. Some nights can't turn the Wah on,, Time to move 🤣
  9. @Larsongs if he's dealing with Thonmann that's a dealer in Germany. As far as I know Gibson only warranties USA claims , not UK/Europe He'd have to work with his distributor, and he chose to ask for complete swaps till they did want him as a customer
  10. There's been a lot of change at Gibson since the 2018, issues. Including removing Henry from running the company to a new CEO that plays guitar
  11. Sounds like Thomann, is just trying to get rid of you now. You said your first was "butchered with a knife". So you returned it. But your 2nd one , you didn't like the fret dressing and the setup. Certainly seems like Thomann thinks you can't be satisfied and just dumping you with a refund
  12. Actually Merc... Brad is right. Rusty's answer that was just above your post: "it sounds pretty decent to be honest, "
  13. I assume the guy you traded with won't answer and now blocked your phone number
  14. @yeeshkul that "twisted" bridge pickup is from on 2 screw mounting screws that are spring tension, The torque the mounting springs put on a 2 point pivot location on the pickup causes the twist Quite normal
  15. Certainly will bet a unique finish, Guess wear old clothes it it stops (if it cures)
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