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  1. The head stock had the "Gibson wings" nobody copies those in a fake guitar
  2. I don't believe a 1988 will appreciate like a 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG. I think current trend of "holding " value for any post Norlin guitar. As long as you don't think you can add the value of the new pickups to the total of the guitar on re-sale. Do what you think sounds best
  3. I don't have experience with mini Hum-buggies but Try lowering the pickups with they height adjustments screws, depending on the guitar you may need to lower them a lot
  4. I see low E, A, D strings saddle at the back of the bridge.. not normal stings look pretty old. and the saddles looks a bit tarnished as they look worn. something not right about this. I think you need to start with new strings and start with a full setup.
  5. Some people raise the low string side of the bridge, to give the thicker strings more room to vibrate, Seen this done a the nut end as well Tune your guitar open, Lightly fret at the 12th, check tuning, Turn sadle screws to adjust intonation. If you run out of saddle movement, you may need to turn the saddle around and/remove the spring
  6. That's difficult as we keep changing the lyrics to our national anthem every couple of years to be more neutral and inclusive. Then mix in some French
  7. Looks like your dad was a fan of Eddie. Unless its gooy leave it
  8. 2 tone 2 volume standard Gibson affair 1 tone 1 volume see I think on the Jr's
  9. Some players think upper fret access of the 6th string "over the top" is a huge advantage for the double cut I have yet to see players playing 6th string on thier thumb above 12th feet. Your milage may very
  10. If I was in Nashville, I'd take it to Greg Voros service manager at Gruhn's
  11. If you're shipping from Gibson Gibson USA to say your brothers house in New Jersey usa you'll be fine, But if you're in anyother country you must pay an import fee to your government. The courier is to collect on behalf of your country (plus brokerage fees) and forwards that VAT/GST/HST off the the appropriate government agency. It's been that way for over 100yrs (remember they dumped tea into a harbor) Not a surprise at all,
  12. I would guess given price of new and depending on where in the world you are (USA, Canada, UK) 1989 is just after Norlin and start of Henry times. In played condition probably $1500usd In excellent mint possibly $2200
  13. 50 vs 60 really points to neck thickness more than anything. So pick by what you think you play best, thicker neck or thinner neck Also remember you can always add more gain to a low output pickup. You can not take away gain from a high output pickup
  14. there's no super magic.. people talk about oils and what's it made of etc. just buy a product like Dunlop 65 or Gibson's .. you're only putting a few drops on it in the first place.. you're not marinating steaks. buy some 0000 steel wool (that's 4 zero's,, don't just less) . pull the strings.. put a few drops of fretboard oil on it between frets on the board.. rub the fretboard with the steel wool all the way down.. wipe with a clean cloth.. and yer done.
  15. Yes lighter fluid is a cleaning agent, yes safe on nitro. Yes the the finish gets wrecked with some T shirt surfaces. No namptha will not fix it. Same goes with mosquitoe spray like OFF, it will wreck a nitro finish ( found out the hard way) Also you missed Gig rule #1: never advertise another band when you're playing a gig. From what I know about nitro surfaces, you'll probably want to get some nitro from Stewmac, put it on the effected area Nitro will blend into itself. Since it's on the back, if it was me I'd leave it as a gig scare
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