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  1. Dater project says, either Feb 5, 2011 #582 or 2014 #11088 But very little info
  2. No Buy a different set
  3. Looks like a nice Hummingbird.
  4. Always the nut behind the strings. Sorry had too 😶
  5. Although this is a Gibson forum. Many of us have more than 1 guitar. Stated last week the Fender Guitar forum will shutdown March 20, 2020. Join in other social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  6. Gibson released a statement saying they're not suing Heritage Guitar They said they "reminded Heritage of their contract they signed when the two split up"
  7. There is a single screw on either side of the pickup and a spring on the underside of the screw to the pickup base plate to provide tension.
  8. I see Long & Mcquade showing a B2 And Steve's music Toronto showing the TRB Gig By description can't tell whe the difference is, you'll have to go to the stores https://www.long-mcquade.com/136236/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Gibson/Explorer-B-2-Satin-Ebony.htm?ref=suggestive-search https://stevesmusic.com/en/gibson-explorer-trb-gig-dsxb219-s.html
  9. Oh at first I hadn't seen what you're talking about, Strings seemed over the poles of the pickups. Wasn't till I zoomed in on your nut. Maybe post a big clear picture of the nut hosted by imgur.com or something instead of the thumbnail provided by the forum. Yeah I'd make them fix it
  10. Also remember he used a variac to lower the input AC voltage to get that mushy "brown" sound Of course he knew nothing about tube bias and fry the tubes
  11. Eracer_Team


    Without any puctures, It'd be close to guessing what color car you have. And subject line same as your user name doesn't help
  12. My guitars have picked me, I don't pick them. I walk into a store wander around, don't get any feeling. Next day walk into the same store wander around don't get any feeling. One walk in, one day, and a guitar whispers try me. That's the one I pick up. Could take months of this process
  13. They won't reissue the COA See the responses in the Custom section
  14. Don't think there's anything to "worry " other then some light esthetic. Bindings are put on, guitar is stained/painted/nitro lacquer, then bindings are scrapped by hand with a razor blade. Its possible to have some stain /lacquer residue
  15. There are 2 points for the pickup to pivot on. Put a block of foam in the pickup cavety when the pickup is lowered it compresses the foam and keeps the pickup from twisting
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