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  1. Looks good to me, the TOM provides up/down motion to adjustments for action height
  2. Maybe me zooming in on these pictures on my phone isn't giving me clarity to see what the problem is. If it's just a bit of lacquer on the fretboard its probably pretty minimal. Lacquer will wear off the fretboard easy enough over time Sure there's "worse" QC than this
  3. @Lukef you have to use a photo hosting site like imgur.com to post the img/jpg link images here. This site only allows thumbnail pictures
  4. @Lukef hope you're not confusing terms, Bridge vs stop tail. Many people prefer lowering the stop tail all the way down. The tail has the strings pulled through them The bridge has your saddles for intonation and also does your action height
  5. A refinish on a real 55-60 would probably lower the value, over just leaving the years of wear and tear on it. On A reissue, probably won't make a difference
  6. I like Guitar Fetish strap locks https://www.guitarfetish.com/REDESIGNED-Chrome-Strap-Locks-Pair-Straplok-style-HEAVY-DUTY_p_598.html And Godin straps, lots of choices lots of different prices https://godinguitars.com/product-category/accessories/straps/page/4
  7. I meaning you're probably not going to cover up the screw holes from were the robot tuners once were
  8. Robots had several different auto tuners . Lots of different mounting screw holes If you undo the 4 little screws in the back, you will see a PCB board, So you won't be able to just change 1 MCK pot, you'll need a new wiring harness "Something you'll be proud of " Doubt it, buy another guitar,
  9. I'm zooming in on my phone, I don't see much. After you put some real milage on it, will the Nicks on the back and scratches from the pick on the front make you want to sell?
  10. @glasjack you have to use a image sharing website like imgur.com @jl
  11. Looks like the neck/headstock has a Norlin volute, I'd say real
  12. Guess they don't QC the QC sheet
  13. @FML what would stop counterfeiters from obtaining COA's for their fake guitars. My sister just sent me a link to a ad , which turns out to be a "standard " Chinese fake custom. She would have brought.
  14. That's a very straight cut, doesn't look like a crack Looks like it was full of wood filler at one time. Might need to have a repair place check how strong the joint is, Probably pretty strong as neck is glued in
  15. Remember the time you spend rebuilding it, could be time enjoying playing and making music.. I spent far too much time with a tube amp hobby
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