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  1. Electrostatic applications has been employed across multiple segments of industries that need to apply a even level of paint/clear coat. Not all Guitars exhibit the static is it really how the finish is applied? Probably how it interacts with clothes, think all anyone needs to do is regular namptha cleaning and watch what one wears Btw GraceToo no one from Gibson will read this forum, the moderator barely shows here. Torches and pitchforks won't help change an industry
  2. I'd keep it, there's nothing twisting your arm to sell it. You'll end up regretting it in once your parents pass on 1600 to 2,000 today for rent is a once time safety net that will lead to what will you sell next to pay the rent
  3. I'm guessing an ES137 probably would go for 2500-2800
  4. @JonnyGuitar youd have to plane the fretboard, it's not just the frets that make the radius
  5. @BoSoxBiker the point Bonamassa was trying to make was If you have everything on 10, then you really have nowhere to go but down, Set your tone /volume 5-6 , set your amp up to volume and tone you like. Now you have control at your fingertips
  6. I play in a Catholic church choir (so very structured not a music jam).. we have somewhere around 150 songs we play through the year.. I used to use a large binder.. then had a Android tablet running Moblesheets for my songs in PDF format and organized into set lists. but at 10.5" I wanted larger. my son bought me a iPad Pro at 12.9" bigger screen much nicer. Used the same PDF's to populate Forescore for IOS. organizes great I read music to get the melody, but mostly use chord charts in the music; I'm still struggling with the music theory which helps people a lot my buddy know
  7. or use that ad riddled site IMGUR.com to upload your pictures and post the URL link here as said.. looks like wood grain patten
  8. I like the quilt, gold hardware and all the abalone inlays, Guess it's the inner "bling" in me, cause certainly isn't in my playing 🙈
  9. @Afrevele need to use a photo image site like imgur.com
  10. I think you'll regret getting rid of the 335. Very versatile, hummingbird will only give you great acoustic sound
  11. Think you mean clear the bridge pickup, not board Neck pickup is quite low, bridge pickup looks pretty high,
  12. Looks like some sort of metal shim Take it to a good dealer to look at if you want to keep the guitar Guess otherwise send it back
  13. Some said it was the plastic covers on control panel. But since you sent the guitar back, we can't recommend anything more Like to try like take the control cover off
  14. Sounds like a "funny" description I've seen people post pictures over the yrs of their headstock where the nitro is lifting a bit esp around the tuner nuts Can't remember what everyone said was the cause. My 2001 is still perfect.
  15. 1 no magic on posting pictures here, get yourself a public imaging site like imgur.com and past/post the jpg link. 2 don't get mad but there's a reason why guitars with "standard " transmissions have been a frustration to many guitarists that they've blocked the tremo Good luck; but now you know how to post pictures for the vibrolo experts to see
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