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  1. What it looks like is someone used sandpaper to try and relic the guitar and did a poor job You won't be able to polish that out I would say you'll need to bring it to a guitar repair shop. Nitro is pretty maliable and they probably could put another layer of Nitro on it and smooth out surface
  2. you're going to have a long wait. almost never on this user forum do you see "admin" here and answer anything. the info posted in those links does not say push/pull pots.. so my money says.. 2 conductor wiring not 4. but if you want a real answer.. call Gibson Customer Service..
  3. Gibson has changed numbering system a few times, and in the "old" days even reused serial numbers. Whether its 5 digits , 6 digits or more Date code project really only tells you year , plant (Nashville/Memphis) and production number at best. Would be best to call Gibson Custom service when they open on Monday They should give you a bit more detail
  4. Binding is over spray with a looks of what's called orange peel. It will wear off playing But the specks on body. Not sure, Possibly air got into paint stream Will have to send it back if you can't live with it
  5. Don't know if I'd blame the factory. Who knows where that marking originally occurred Could be a GC/MF return and resold as new. Hopefully your next one looks just as nice and "defect" free Waiting for the new pictures
  6. Just don't look under the screw/nut holding the pickguard on , you'll probably see a dent in the finish.
  7. Looks fine to me, Wings on the back of the headstock, posts not screws on bridge
  8. Typically anytime someone uses the words "this is only X of Y and is rare " usually means the seller is try their best to gouge the buyer for a lot more money I would think that lefties are more "rare" than the right handed guitars in any production line. Good luck on your purchase
  9. Gibson doesn't even release how many guitars they made last week. Kind of hard to say about 50yrs ago
  10. Actually car vins tell you a lot about the car. Color tone, engine size, options code etc Guitar serials not so much, that's the hand written code under the pickups in the pickup cavety
  11. Send them to George Gruhn of Gruhn's Guitars in Nashville Mans a walking encyclopedia and can give honest appraisal
  12. I've been wanting to say "You can't handle the truth "
  13. @Sgt. Pepper right flatness I think he's confused between wide fretboard and narrow fretboard
  14. as I read the posts here.. are you sure you're not confusing Fretboard radius (7.25", 9", 12" , 16", 22") which is how flat a fretboard is and what happens to notes when you bend a string. vs fretboard width , which is how wide the fretboard is , some classical guitars have really wide fretboards vs standard acoustics vs electrics. and then there's scale length whether it's a very short scale Byrdland, vs LP scale vs that other company that has longer scales
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