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  1. Open an account with a photo sharing site or Google photos and paste the img url here
  2. Well door ding or hood scratch is a far cry from a nut mark under a pick guard. As stated, it's like seeing blemish under a spoiler or behind a mud flap on a new car. That said. Nitro is nice to look at and bad for a surface cause its soft. Don't wear mosquitoe repellent playing your Gibson outdoors, It will haze the surface. Opps, so much for playing outdoors That said, the nick is an easy fix for a good guitar tech. A drop of nitro on the spot will meld with the surface and cover the spot. Then use a smaller length of the screw https://www.stewmac.com/Materials_and_Supplies/Finishing_Supplies/Finishes_and_Solvents/ColorTone_Spraying_Lacquer/ColorTone_Nitrocellulose_Guitar_Lacquer.html
  3. Depending on how badly you don't want the LP and how badly you want a SG Because I'm not an SG guy, you'd have to pay me to take the SG I vote no
  4. Remember when they say nut slots, they mean width over depth
  5. Good gravy The responses of a ding in the finish from a nut holding the pick guard on which 99.9% never be removed Vs Scratches and dents one could put on it while playing. Guess one can find an unblemished guitar and could keep it in the case under their bed or in a closet,
  6. This is a 50yr old " problem, " I even have a Japanese clone from 1982 that has the ding. If that's only problem, I wouldn't worry about But, nitro is workable, The drill hole will be an issue if you take the guard off, But the little dent, just put a drop nitro on the spot and it should blend in Stewmac USA sells nitro, don't know who does in UK
  7. If the magnetic pull of the pickup is interfering with string movements might sound weaker. Try lowering it. Also you don't say if it was ever loud. Could be as suggested not hot pickups
  8. Eracer_Team


    The warranty is so restrictive, it's not like a new car warranty. Almost no point
  9. I've looked at Wildwood site for many years. The nature of their business seems to be able to request a custom run and they get what they want.
  10. Tricky. You really need to find someone that a) really digs Brian the Buckethead b) really wants a Les Paul in 27" scale length, with kill switch in alpine white I think pretty much a niche market And only a hard core collector I think would care that it's part of the first run Good luck
  11. You just want to ask "How high the moon" is
  12. Gibson Studio's Sure do have maple caps on most of the studio's, some don't. But a lot due My maple cap is as thick as a standard just no binding on edge
  13. my Gibson Studio maple cap is as thick as any standard.. so no.. Gibson Les Paul with binding or without is still a USA Gibson Les Paul
  14. Aren't the pot shaft lengths different on a Gibson vs Epiphone cause of the thickness of the maple?
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