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  1. Yes, I agree LZ is in the past and would not go to see them now.
  2. Every time I read one of these J-35 lemon posts I get creeped out and re-examine mine. Over on AGF a guy had one that needed a neck reset to fix. Mine is 3/64ths on the high E string at the 12th fret and 4/64ths on the low E string. I count myself fortunate that it all seems to be in good order. I'm glad to see you sent yours back for a replacement. Hope you get a nice one this time. Erik
  3. Yeah, more V22 love right here. Great little amp. I just ordered tung-sols for it. Worried that the Ukraine situation may go sideways and Russian made tubes may get scarce. Erik
  4. National Triolian 14 fret Fender American Vintage Jaguar Gibson L3 archtop Mohan Veena Hauver Blind Blake Ruokangas Unicorn Erlewine Lazer Gibson Vintage '54 Gold Top Les Paul Mashall JTM45 head oops, that's my fantasy list. Erik
  5. Really? A government (crime syndicate) makes up a frivolous law and enforces it with gun thugs. The mob always collects their vigorish. I'm disappointed in the federal government and I support Gibson sticking a thumb in their eye. Erik
  6. Congrats on a great find. That's a sweet little guitar. Hope you get the bridge fixed up and play her. Erik
  7. Nice work. I'd like to build a 2x12 some day soon. Solid pine, make it look like furniture. Maybe when it's warm enough to work out on the back porch. Erik
  8. Got a new Squier Classic Vibe 60's Stratocaster today. I had a couple of real strats 35 years or so ago when I was a kid and through the mists of memory I'd have to say the Squier is a pretty good value. It's certainly a better guitar than I am a player. As an acoustic guy it needs heavier strings and a higher action, but I'll get her set up after I played around with her for a week or so. [/url][/img] [/url][/img] Also picked up a Bugera V22 tube amp. Sounds $hit hot better than the pig nose 700 I've been using the past year. I'm impressed at the sound quality at low volume. Erik
  9. I like the simplicity of one pickup one knob. It would look good with a flat black finish. Erik
  10. Hey Dave, I like to do some of these whenever I think of it. I use .13-.56 stings mostly and can be heavy handed too. Mostly I play alone so I tune down to A332 so there's a bit less tension on the strings. Erik
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