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  1. WTG there tgifntx, HNGD...congrats and she looks really sweet! On some of the plus tops they did send them without the pickguard on, some didn't even have the screw holes to mount it. At least I think I remember reading and hearing that on here before. Unless you are worried about pick scratches on your new baby...leave it off and show off all that beautiful top. Capt
  2. Walked into a Sam Ash store about 2 years ago and the Brownsvilles were hanging everywhere...think maybe it is SA's store brand...didn't look to bad and felt ok, another asian knock off and more than likely made in one of the same factories as the older Epis, and all the other imports. Capt
  3. EB 10s on the LP Studio and the peavey reactor (I have been using EBs for years)....the WildKat has elixir nanoweb 11s, they play and bend as easy as the EB 10s and sound just as good (if not better), and even with the Bigsby (which I don't use alot but enough) they stay in tune and last twice as long, if not longer than the EBs. On the acoustic I have GHS 12s and even tho they sound good they play like barbed wire...lol I still like the EBs alot and when the Elixirs have out lasted 3 sets of ernie balls and I can see it being worth while to spend that much on them, I may change everything over to Elixirs...they feel a little funny to start with, so needed some getting use to for me anyway, but when you do they play and sound great. 12 plus bucks for a set of strings tho just doesn't set right with me, but they are damn nice. Capt
  4. Nope studios don't have the binding...I just couldn't see any binding in the picture you posted. Checking tone for tone gonna just mess you up that much more....lol Every guitar has it's own tone due so many things that could be just a bit off from the other. If you got it at an Epi/Gibby store you are fine and I am sure it's a very nice guitar...just play and enjoy it Houndstooth! Capt
  5. I gotta agree with Gas Jones it does look like a studio, and they did make a few with those Trapezoid Inlays (maybe where that custom shop comes from) Didn't think they made them as new as 2008 tho....good news is it does look like a real Epi and by getting it from an authorized Gibson/Epiphone dealer you can be pretty sure it's for real...they may have guilted the lilly there a bit by saying it was a standard, still a nice guitar. Enjoy and welcome to the forum Houndstooth Capt
  6. I have an ibanez talman 50 and the switch is in the jack plug...when you plug it in it turns on the pre amp. maybe what you have there....there should be a page/manual on line for your guitar...just do a manual search for that model and you should find it. Capt ps....btw those switches go out pretty regular...mine has and for now I am just playing it acoustic...thinking of getting rid of it anyway.
  7. Hey Twang, You need to write those mythbuster guys and see if they can prove if the VS Amps are for real or not:-s Capt
  8. Very nice Svet...now a question, need another grooms man for the wedding? I would take an Epi for my gift..LOL Capt
  9. Charlie Brown and I believe Tulsaslim and a few others on here got lucky and picked em up on MF's close out sale. If you do a search on them I think you will find not only do almost everyone who has them love them...but a bunch are waiting for the return of them back at the online stores so they can get one also. I think you would like the P-90s...I have a WildKat with them...and damn they sound good. The WildKats might be a good test guitar for you to check out to hear how the P-90s sound...be careful tho...the WKs can be very habit forming...lol If I could explain it to the wife I would be looking for one of the P-93s myself! Capt
  10. 75 watts is a bit of a waste for someone who just plays around the house I would think....trade for the guitar and later if you need a bigger amp, maybe another good deal will come along Capt
  11. yeah...local guy got one of the "E" series basher les pauls for 75 bucks here on craigslist if it just wasn't RED! lol Capt
  12. Something about that trans amber that just gets to me...besides no one had voted for it and it looked lonesum Capt
  13. It could be a mix of at least 3 different things. The tuners can be the trouble with staying in tune, but it could also be the nut binding the strings, or the bridge binding them as well....or a combo of all 3 since it is an older guitar. Next time you restring it use a little pencil lead in the slots of the nut and on the saddles in the bridge and see if that helps with it staying in tune. The tuners may be just worn out as well, those tuners back then were not the best to begin with. The nut and bridge could also be the problem with the intonation. Capt
  14. NEVER lend out your wife, car, guns, or guitars. (You can put that in the order of importance to yourself..LOL) Capt
  15. take it to a CVS, walgreens, or any of the chain stores that sell this stuff and find a nail polish that matches...light coats till you fill in the chip...then buff it down. Now a days you can find a match for just about any color. Capt
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