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  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is the G-Force system that has caused Gibson to side-step making any left-handers for 2015. Not entirely sure if the G-Force is lefty compatible, or available as a lefty version. Either way us lefties have got the sh!tty end of the stick again :(
  2. Just gathering my shekels together at the moment in pursuit of a Line 6 DT25. Heard nothing but good things about them. I'll still go to the dealer with an open mind on the day, but will be surprised if I come back with anything else. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZbR0PE5dTQ
  3. You are right. I rang up a service shop earlier and the guy said the same. I felt a right fool, as I do now. I gave it a good play an hour or two ago just to confirm, and it is as you say. And now I know what's going in it all seems to make some sense. Thanks
  4. Sorry both. Didn't realise you had posted 'til just. I had a guitar guru take a look at the switch. He cleaned it all up and the problem, although not as bad, is still there. I'm not altogether sure that it is the switch. When I tried it earlier in the middle position, if I turn the neck up full, and the bridge to zero I get no sound at all. Then if I dial just a tiny about (4-5%) of the the bridge pickup then the neck pickup suddenly bursts into life. I'm thinking of just getting the whole thing completely re-wired and done with it. I just don't play the Gibson at all now 'cos of the erratic behaviour. I tend to play my Fender instead :(
  5. Since the time I started screaming at disc jockeys on the radio to "Shut the 7uck up" whenever they started the inevitable, inane babble that they feel duty-bound to spurt through every single guitar solo since the dawn of time.
  6. *** On Feel The Noize - Slade The swear filter doesn't like Slade's songs, lol. 1st word rhymes with "Tum" and begins with "C"
  7. Really fancy seeing the TTB. Was gutted to learn that only London was on the menu though. Such a nightmare of a place to get into and out of. Waiting for Jonny Lang to do the rounds now :)
  8. I'm surprised that nobody has suggested a Squier Classic Vibe. Nothing but amazing reviews and great feedback for them. Great sound, great feel. Just need to look beyond the Squier badge. Check out the legendary Anderton's "blindfold test" where four Tele's get examined - A Squier, a Mexican, an American Standard, and a Custom Shop. The little underdog causes quite some confusion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCEdT2d43jU
  9. I had a peek at the youtube link. Guess I'm too old to find anything remotely enticing there. Give me Chrissie Hynde wearing nowt but a telecaster any day of the week :)
  10. The Lord is my Sheperd - One of God's mates
  11. Was lucky enough to see Eric Bibb last week. To be honest, he had never been on my radar, and so I went to the gig (in Exeter) without any real preconceptions. Guess I was just hoping that it would be a pleasant evening and my ticket money wasn't wasted. Well, what can I say? "WOW!!" seems a bit understated. I can honestly say that it was the best gig I have ever been too. An amazing guy. Great voice, great attitude to life, awesome guitar skills, and a great group of musicians surrounding him. A guy called Michael Jerome Browne opened up the show with a few songs and then sat in as lead guitarist on Eric's set. What a player he was, I ended up purchasing one of his signed CD's after the show. Far, far and away the best night's entertainment I have ever had, surpassing by some margin, the Clapton gig I saw earlier this year. I hear Robert Cray is coming over the pond early next year. Better grab some tickets for him too. Anyone else been pleasantly surprised by gigs? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbT4ngWqmUY
  12. And still nothing in October, lol. Might have been better actually DOING it before announcing it to the world.....
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