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  1. I'm not much on them either. I ordered a custom PAF set from WB, if they ever come. You can lower them 3/16" and it will knock some of the edge off.
  2. 2008 was the last year, I guess mine was one of the last. It does say "Made in the USA 2008" stamped in ink. Ser. # goes 08####
  3. There is a difference between a rich musician breaking equipment that they PAID FOR and a dip wad who trashes a one of a kind FREE trophy. Giving "pieces" to his crew is BS. Why not break that Nationwide trophy up and give them that? Kyle just wants to draw attention to himself and not give anything to anyone. I like nascar, but KB is the most hated driver in the sport. Now all you guys know why.
  4. One thing I noticed was that the body looked like the color of maple and not mahogany. It should have looked red and not blonde. Maybe I was just seeing the cap. I could not tell if it was chambered, swiss, or solid. I think solid being a custom and that it survived one hit.
  5. I think the guy who painted it was standing there watching.ooouch! To make it worse it was only a nationwide race.
  6. Thanks man, I should have known it was on YT.
  7. Can some one post the pics of the imature Kyle Busch trashing a custom painted LP? He's a good example of too much money and not enough brains. Maybe one day he will learn how to play smoke on the water and wish he had that one of a kind guitar back!!
  8. What pick ups does it have & why does it say "classic" on the cover. I figured this model replaced the classic.
  9. I have never paid full price for big items at GC. They will wheel and deal if you push them. I was in one the other day and I could not believe how much used equipment they had. People are hard up for cash. They had at least 20 used pedals and a whole section for used guitars. Be a bully and name your price, they will cave in.
  10. My 2008 classic also has it in ink on the back.
  11. In order for wood to decay it needs water,bacteria and time. Sunlight and temp. also plays a part. All wood has some moisture content, but since guitar bodies are kiln dried, shaped then sprayed with some type of finish moisture is not an issue. Plus we keep them indoors. The polish has chemicals in it which should prevent any problem. However, with all that being said If a guitar is played heavely and never cleaned, I could see some problems with decay.
  12. Great, real world story. Thats one of the best looking LPs I've ever seen. Sounds like ya'll have a chance to start over.
  13. Are the covers attached tight to the pu's or are they sitting on top?What about new ones in a box? Thanks.
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