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  1. Looks great...and without the anniversary 12th fret marker
  2. The Traditionals still have the nibs
  3. There's a limited edition Traditional Goldtop (P90s, 60s neck and a Bigsby) that's been listed on a few sites in the UK. Link to GAK
  4. All fixed, great service from Andertons Reported it to them last Monday, arranged for it to be collected on the Wednesday so they got it on the Thursday. They got the replacement part from Gibson on Monday and fitted it that day. Shipped back to me yesterday so it's back with me today. The tech dealing with it kept me up to date all the way through. Brilliant (apart from it breaking in the first place of course).
  5. Hopefully you're right, and the others will last longer than the 8 months this one has (fingers crossed).
  6. Well Andertons now have my guitar back, but they're not sure how long it'll take to get the replacement from Gibson Service (based in the Netherlands). Hopefully just a week or two...if it's stock! All this helps to justify having more than one guitar to my wife as I've got gigs each weekend this month.
  7. Clapton on the John Mayall "Beano" album. (or Page, or Kossoff, or Peter Green.....aarrgggghhhh can't pick just one!)
  8. Doesn't look good for the reliability of the push/push pots on my Trad Pro 2. Bought new last September from Andertons (I'm in the UK) and during last Saturday's gig the neck pick-up pot failed, leaving it in the up (split) position. It just won't click in the down position meaning I'm stuck with it as a single coil Anyway as it's within warranty Andertons are going to replace the pot (hopefully), but I'll always be worried that the others will go the same way. I have used the neck coil split option quite a lot, I love the clean sound with the selector in the mid position, the br
  9. Same issue on mine. I took the back control plate off when I first got it to see what's inside so you might be able to push it open from inside (I've not actually tried that, but worth a try rather than breaking that little plastic bit)
  10. Nice. I'm also in the UK and recently got the same guitar, but in Iced Tea.
  11. So that was sold as a Standard? Hmmm
  12. Thanks guys. I'll admit I don't really know what I want, I'm just looking for inspiration. I'll have a good read of those links. This is something I might tackle over the Christmas break when I'll have time to tinker.
  13. I'm tempted to upgrade the pick-ups in my Smartwood Exotic, so I might also take the opporunity to think about different wiring options. I've got coil splits on my Trad Pro 2, which I'm liking a lot, but what other mods have you guys done to yours?
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