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  1. You know what I don't give a crap I play what I like and if 1.725 feels better than 1.69 that's my business not yours. So go play with a calculator . Neck shape does make a difference and if 1.69 was no different than 1.725 then they would make only one. Some guys on here think they are the greatest most knowledgable guitar players in the world.
  2. It does not seem like much but when you have XL size hands every tenth of an inch helps. Neck shape also plays a role to . I've struggled with 1.69 nut widths and I am pretty sure Jesse has to those few extra tenths of an inch make a difference and add a lot of comfort.
  3. I checked all the Hummingbird models on the Gibson homepage. There all 1.725 of course the Iced Tea Burst is not there but I would think it would be like the other models. Sweetwater has one in stock I would email them and ask the nut width . They always replied in a day or less when I e mail them. I didn't know Gibson had so many Hummingbird models until I went through there acoustic products. Also bring a small tape measure with you and you can double check..
  4. Here is the Iced Tea Burst on the right and The standard Model Hummingbird. Easy to see what Jesse is talking about. Also odd is the Iced Tea Burst is a Custom Shop Model yet they have it proceed $100.00 less than the Standard model. Also confusing.
  5. Her father was an investment banker she went to good schools. The morning after there Woodstock show the Jefferson Airplane were on the **** Cavett Woodstock show that evening .She was in good form that night along with other Woodstock performers David Crosby,Stephen Stills and one singer who was supposed to appear but on the advice of her agent who thought she would get more exposure on the Cavett show Joni Mitchell. Mitchell penned the song Woodstock from watching on TV with her agent. if you like Grace Slick she was smoking hot in the 60's watch the Monterey Pop Festival from I think 1967 on YouTube. She was amazing in top voice and really hot.
  6. Glad I asked about Four Strong Winds...always liked the Neil Young version and remember hearing Ian Tyson's recording years ago but couldn't remember the name. Talking about aging my dad always said the only thing that gets better with age is wine and cheese...he smoked from age 9 til the day he died not from cigs but from a gallbladder surgery that went bad.We all begged him to stop over the years. I turned 60 last summer and nothing works like it did I've had back surgeries and knee surgeries can't hunt like I did when I was younger or hit a golf like I did in my 30's..lucky for me I can still play the guitar . I like this picture of a young Joni along with Linda Ronstadt and Carly Simon they were my favorite females of the 60"s and 70"s
  7. Well Jesse did this help lots of nice Hummingbirds pictured here..hope you find the one your looking for.
  8. Do remember the Canadian singer who did the song Four Strong Winds that must have been popular in Canada . It was well before Neil Young Recorded it.
  9. This is not a real good photo for some reason I have a hard time uploading pictures.At least when you tap on picture you get the full size..I love my Hummingbird just is so playable and has a vintage sound I enjoy playing more than ever.
  10. I watched all the videos plus some others I found connected to it.. I worked in radio from 1971 to 1979 one of my stops was Cleveland Ohio from 72/73 Joni was a major artists ..the early 1970's was the birth of FM radio and Cleveland had one of the first AOR stations on FM Album Oriented Rock. Where we played just albums no charted hits. The likes of Jimi Hendricks The Grateful Dead the Who were the types of music played. Joni Mitchell although not really rock was huge and as requested as much as the others. She crossed over to all types of music. Watching these videos was like opening a time capsule I even found the DickCavett Woodstock show. It aired August 19,1969 the day the Woodstock Festival ended. He had Joni Mitchell on who was to preform at Woodstock but her agent said the Cavett show would give her more exposure so she didn't play at Woodstock. He had some bands on who played in Bethal NY the sight of Woodstock(not far from where his show was aired)Jefferson Airplane David Crosby and Stephen Stills .Wow what fun watching these.. Check out the Joni Mitchell tag listed above and follow the other videos to see some of this music history and Mitchell who was super talented.
  11. I just ordered a set of the Pyramid Western Folk after this post I checked out some reviews and they are worth a try. I have not put a set on the Hummingbird that didn't sound good. I've went as far as to record each set I've tried to the same bluegrass cross picking tune. This is what happens when you retire
  12. I remember the J29 neck pretty well . To me it was close to the Hummingbird but a slight bit fuller in fact I thought it was the same as the J35 neck . There is a little difference to me in the feel of there necks but there so very close. I actually had the J29 home when I got the Hummingbird so I played them both . I sent the J29 back I told you where I got my Bird I think the J29 is still pictured on the web page. If I had the money I would have kept them both. Gibson is making some great acoustics.
  13. It's good you got the issue of the quilted maple settled. I still stand behind the Modern Classic Hummingbird I just am thrilled I ended up with it. I played a J29 more than a few times last fall and I was really impressed with it almost bought but the Hummingbird deal came up as I almost said yes to it. I'm not a great singer but I recorded a Christmas CD for my daughters class at her school with the Bird and it records so good. I had many more compliment's about the guitar than I did my voice. That is understandable ..hope it works out for you.
  14. I put a set of them on yesterday mediums and I really like them ..no set up changes either.
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