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  1. Not a bad idea' date=' i'll drop em an email tonight. Here they are for anyone who hasn't seen them by the way... [img']http://i541.photobucket.com/albums/gg376/st4vros/4a2fd4506571f_1.jpg[/img]
  2. That's the chap. I've asked him to send me the link of the shop that he bought them from. I'll notify the site admin now...
  3. Two pet hates in life: - a) Bad grammar Exposed cabling As far as I can see there's no exposed cables around here... When he finds the full stop key, I'll send him an Epi.
  4. The website admin messaged me and asked me how I knew they were fake, so I reeled of the three main indicators (bridge, body shape and colours). They were very appreciative and removed the listing immediately. I should have saved the pics before they were removed. They were awful, and TGod, when I saw the Super Me bit of the message, I let out a bit of pee, I laughed so hard.
  5. Check out the 'Gibson' guitars this guy is trying to peddle (click each image to enlarge): - http://www.swapz.co.uk/swapz/721711/gibson_standard_american_les_pauls/ I have informed the site, and the 'swapper'. 100% sure he knows what he's doing, so I casually mentioned the consequences of owning/selling a counterfeit Gibson. When will these people learn.
  6. I have a Marshall Vintage Modern 100w Valve head with matching Vintage Modern 4x12 (which has the G12C 25 Watt Celestion Greenbacks that are used in the Limited Edition Hendrix stack). No plan to change. Ever.
  7. I am clinically addicted to FIFA 09, the soccer game. Every spare minute I have i'm on the 360 (except when playing guitar of course!).
  8. OMG. I'd love to torch a Nascar or two and see how he likes it, but he probably wouldn't give a ****. What a to$$er.
  9. You don't get the chair for smoking fags over here though
  10. I didn't want to hijack the other thread, so here's another one...
  11. Football, football, soccer and football. I'm a massive Chelsea fan, I have over 30 jerseys. I used to do downhill biking funnily enough. I had an awesome Scott Yecora, but it got pinched for the rear of my house. Bastards.
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