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  1. It SCREAMS 80! but none the less it looks well made, and direct mounted pickup! NIce!
  2. I love my made in 2005 Gibson Explorer in white. I also bought a 2003 white V and to me the explorer sounds and plays better. I've had an ESP LTD Explorer since 1998 that plays faster and with lower action, but it doesn't have the same thick-full and sweet tone at the Gibby explorer, and not to mention the Gibby feels much more solid. As for the actual ESP MIJ Explorer... it comes with EMG-81s so it's a one trick pony lol
  3. It wouldn't be the actual wood coming apart, would it?
  4. Wow... I wonder what it sounds like! Looks so simple in design yet elegant! Wonder how much one of those babies would cost?
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