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  1. Will P-90s from a 2116 LP studio fit in a 2011 LesPaul Mahogany Exclusive with 490r and 498t PU's ?
  2. Hello again am I the only one that Loves this guitar?
  3. Thank you for letting me in. I appreciate being here and will post photos soon.
  4. I have to say I LOVE the Masterbuilt,s I bought a refurbished DR500MCCE stamped as used but New with hardshell case for 480.00 I was so impressed that I just bought a New EF500cce and I LOVE them Both they are EXCELLENT !!! Enuf Said !!!
  5. I just got a New 2nd off the internet( DR 500 MCE ) and when I use it through my amp it burns trough bateries 3 sets in 3 weeks not counting the orginall set any tell me if that is normal as far as using just tuner it is fine but otherwise I have to say I Love this Guitar ! Thank you ahead of time for your support Jessie
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