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  1. Believe it not it's maple (based on feedback from a Gibson tech I've come to know). The finish, in person , appears to be be somwhere between natural and trans amber. I've never seen a premium top on a studio this nice. Maybe the finish has a lot to do with that.
  2. Thanks RichCI for the link fix. Still trying to figure this stuff out.
  3. Me niether. All I know is the second I layed eyes on her...I coveted.
  4. Not if I can avoid it. W..k one of nastiest 4-letter words in the English language. I much prefer PLAY. Now that's a 4-letter ditty I can relate to.
  5. Ebayer arrived safely Tue evening. Sender packed in a Fender box SACRILEDGE!!!. All appears to be stone stock. She's in almost pristine condition. Intonation off to the sharp side on EADG. Noticed fret buzz between frets 12 to 17 on EAD strings. Just dropped her off at Gibson Showcase on Opry Mills Dr. Luthier says frets need dressed and will give her a good once over. Have posted a link to photo of me with the new girl in my life. Hope it works. By the way ya'll. She's pretty damn silky. Nothing like a real Gibby! Will post more photos ASA I get her back from the shop.
  6. good to hear from all of you, especially my local brothers (hey StiffHand). ASA my new girl gets here (seller emailed earlier and says it will arrive next tuesday) i'll take some more photos. i'll try to post them (having difficulty) or at very least paste a link to my photobucket account.
  7. hey TG. best info i have comes from seller. he owns a high-end inport auto parts store. it's an ebayer (i think he's a gearhead based on my research of his ratings, replies, feedback...). he was one of the only persons i was dealing with that was willing to stand by his item and offer a refund. he says it's a 1-owner and pristine. i'm sure all of you have had this feeling. you see something, and immediately know you have to have it. this was one of those moments. some may say too flamey. some may say wrong color. all these things are a matter of taste and personal preference. all i know is i saw it, and coveted. i'll let you all know how she sings when she arrives at her new home.
  8. i feel your pain brother. no help menu to go to to figure out the nuances of navigating thru the forum. i've been reluctant to post similar querys as i didn't want to be a nusance. however, imho the only stupid question, is the one you don't ask. so far, falling back on my somewhat limited techno skills, i've been able to tread water. hope to freestylin' soon.
  9. http://s636.photobucket.com/albums/uu85/bulletfinger I'm attempting to muddle thru posting photos, customizing my icon, etc... Please be patient. Was able to to link you to a photo album.
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