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  1. Thank you! The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Just set up my new Epiphone Les Paul Ultra PRO, and lowered the action to playability with the proper intonation. The neck was (thank you, God!) nice and straight so I didn't need to do the truss rod. So now the strings are closer to the fretboard, the strings don't buzz and the 12th fret notes are right on the dot when compared to the strings when played open. . I would've never tried to do with without a digital chromatic tuner, no way!! . Thanks again!! .
  2. I use chord/TAB books, watch youtube 'how to' videos or figure it out by ear. Sometimes I will go to ultimate guitar to get chords or tabs.
  3. Hi, I'm curious as to how people keep their guitars safe and help keep the necks straight when they're not being played. Here's my opinion: I hang mine in a climate controlled space, i use guitar cleaning cloths over the hanger's foam padding to prevent marring the finish. I believe hanging guitars encourages one to play them more often, the necks stay straight and there is more air for the guitar to breathe. I'm not big on case storage unless I'm not planning on playing the guitar for a while, or if I'm transporting the guitar. If I'm storing the guitar I use guitar cleaning cloths where the neck supports touch the neck and detune the guitar so that the strings aren't placing tension on the neck. I had a really nice Guild D-40 that suffered marring on the neck where the case lining was touching the neck. The neck itself was a bit bowed as well from lying flat on its back. Now if i case a guitar I put a polishing cloth where the neck meets the case. I have created a poll (hope it works!) to get feedback; feel free to add comments, thoughts or opinions and thank you in advance!!
  4. Here you go! http://i1368.photobucket.com/albums/ag166/sbrenn01/Mobile%20Uploads/2014-05/CAM00341_zpska9dkle5.jpg http://i1368.photobucket.com/albums/ag166/sbrenn01/EpiphoneLennonCasino_zps437c2724.jpg
  5. I've been reading a lot lately about the Buzz Feiten guitars, his tuning system, and that led me down the path of reading the "how it works" of BFTS. Seems that most of the concept revolves around the idea of placing the nut a few thousandths closer to the bridge, setting individual string 'shelves' of the nut closer to the strings. Supposed to make the intonation better, make the sound of the instrument more 'accurate'. Earvana is similar; intonation accuracy to a few cents here and there. Well, that got me to thinking, and dangerous as that is...I started thinking about Jeff Beck and the nut on his guitar. I remember seeing his guitar on the Live at Ronnie Scott's. Sir Jeff is playing his Strat using an LSR Roller Nut. So? So, Jeff Beck sounds great, after all he's Jeff freakin' Beck! And I can almost guarantee that that nut on his guitar isn't set up to be accurate to anything other than "somewhere around A440". . My point? The way you play, the way you phrase and your technique matter a heck of a lot more than any (here goes!) Gimmick. . I said it. GIMMICK. Foolishness. A waste of $150.00 or so dollars. Better spent on pups if you need then, or a mic or even a better speaker. Just my $0.02. Thoughts?
  6. OK, I did it; pulled the trigger and got a nice new Les Paul Ultra PRO. Cherry burst. I'm also putting a link here to show off my new purchase. Once again, I have reinforced this fact: Purchasing a second tier (Epiphone instead of Gibson, Squier instead of Fender) guitar is a better choice than paying all that extra money for a 'top shelf' name. It's a shame that this is the case. I sold my Gibson Les Paul; it was too heavy, the neck was like a cheese grater and the switch was wonky. Had to spend $175 to have all that fixed after having it for about a year. My Squier SSH Tele had "Duncan designed" pups and it plays very nice compared to my USA Deluxe Strat. Yes, the Strat plays nicer and sounds better, but not "Four Times the "Price" better!! OK, rant time is over, check out how pretty she looks! http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/sbrenn01/slideshow/LPUP Now I got to think up a name....
  7. Well, I ordered one from MF, and expect it here by week's end. The price was right, and I pulled the trigger. Crossing my fingers that I get a good one.. there's always a bit of concern that I might get a lemon, or hit the jackpot. And I am glad I saved the $40 sales tax. I will keep up mt posts here so that I can share the experience. There's something about a new guitar that gets my psyche built up for praacitcing and also exploring new sounds. Truth be told, I had a genuine Made in USA Les Paul Studio Faded, and I ending up selling it. First: the neck was like a cheese-grater. sliding mt hands along the neck led to flesh being grabbed and the sharp nut edges became too much. Second: the solid body got heavy after playing while standing. I loved the burstbuckers, but the switch had to be replaced; my guitar repair shop said the switch was not a proper Gibson quality switch, he speculated that it ws used as a cost saving measure. After all I was getting a venerable "Made in USA" guitar with burstbucker pro pups and costs had to be cut somewhere. I had assumed that the fact that my guitar was basically an unpolished, no-frills-on-the-finish product meant I was getting Gibson quality. It was not to be, and I sold it, not losing too much in he bargain Then last year I bought an "Inspired by Lennon" Epiphone Casino and wow, what a machine! What a nice instrument. Fit, finish the neck, the sound....like I'm playing off of the roof at Apple studios! Switchcraft switch and jack. USA P-90s. A sleek, sweet and sexy machine paid just under $850; it was cheaper than that USA Les Paul! So now I'm going with Epiphone again. Hoping the finish is nice, the guitar is lighter. Wanting that back "belly scarf" to dovetail nicely with my surgically altered mid-section. Thinking I'll get some sweet sounds out of the Probuckers, drooling over the coil-tap possibilities... :wub: . . Next, look for the review when I get this baby! Cross yer fingers and hope I get the *perfect* gitty! Pics and a review coming up!! Be well!!
  8. Well I did some checking and this is an "out of production" model. So is my 'inspired by Lennon" Casino, glad I got that one!! I wonder if the Ultra Pro is an archtop model. If I can find that out, and it has one, then I am going to own one!
  9. I see from the major online websites that the "Epiphone Les Paul Ultra PRO" is dropping in price. Is Epiphone discontinuing this model? Any opinions or reviews from owners or comments from anyone familiar with this guitar are appreciated. Is it well made? how's she sound? Does anyone have a pic of one they would be kind enough to show? I am guessing they're made in China, but I believe they're set up in Nashville. Any comments appreciated!!! (Keep practicing, what else is gonna make you better?)
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