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  1. Thank you! The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Just set up my new Epiphone Les Paul Ultra PRO, and lowered the action to playability with the proper intonation. The neck was (thank you, God!) nice and straight so I didn't need to do the truss rod. So now the strings are closer to the fretboard, the strings don't buzz and the 12th fret notes are right on the dot when compared to the strings when played open. . I would've never tried to do with without a digital chromatic tuner, no way!! . Thanks again!! .
  2. Hi, I'm curious as to how people keep their guitars safe and help keep the necks straight when they're not being played. Here's my opinion: I hang mine in a climate controlled space, i use guitar cleaning cloths over the hanger's foam padding to prevent marring the finish. I believe hanging guitars encourages one to play them more often, the necks stay straight and there is more air for the guitar to breathe. I'm not big on case storage unless I'm not planning on playing the guitar for a while, or if I'm transporting the guitar. If I'm storing the guitar I use guitar cleaning cloths where the neck supports touch the neck and detune the guitar so that the strings aren't placing tension on the neck. I had a really nice Guild D-40 that suffered marring on the neck where the case lining was touching the neck. The neck itself was a bit bowed as well from lying flat on its back. Now if i case a guitar I put a polishing cloth where the neck meets the case. I have created a poll (hope it works!) to get feedback; feel free to add comments, thoughts or opinions and thank you in advance!!
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