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  1. Very nice! I love batwing SGs! Looks proper IMO. My recently acquired 2011...
  2. Damn that's a nice SG!! Love that color!
  3. Congrats OP - I'm a batwing fan myself. Looks great!
  4. yeah you're probably right... 57 Classics might be more to his liking... or he simply isn't SG worthy ;) lol
  5. OP - you should look for SG Classic P90 from a few years ago. Also, are you buying online? If so, look local. If you are a ways from a good guitar shop, take a road trip. It will be worth it to get something you will like. And as others said, maybe you're just not an SG guy. I love SGs... Can't stand Les Paul shapes, and also don't like Fender style guitars.
  6. SG Standard.... not the HP version... T version (if 2017)... if earlier years.... Straight up SG Standard. Or maybe a '61 Reissue. Those officially ended in 2012 or 2013 I think. Still Custom Shop ones but those are big money.
  7. The logo on my '98 Standard looks similar... shitty but normal. It's as if they were lazy and didn't trim the headstock inlays to the edges.
  8. You'll love it bro! Some of us like the large batwing pick guard... :)
  9. Here's my 98 Standard. Plays and sounds amazing. I played with the pole pieces a bit just to equalize the string volumes. The lack of parallelism to the strings never bothered me.
  10. Beautiful! Love the color. And always been a fan of the batwing pick guard.
  11. I've been away for a little while. I see that Gibson is trying to 'modernize' their lineup... with more electronic like circuitry in recent years (circuit board, rather than traditional pots and caps), and now with the e-Tune, and a bunch more electronics... plus a return to the small pick guard, and 57 classics. I have a '98, and just wondering if it's a keeper over the long term (bought it used about 6 yrs ago but I LOVE it), or if the newer stuff is truly better. Or if the gold standard is still a '61 reissue (save for a true 60's SG which I'll never afford). cheers
  12. I have a Super Champ XD (looks like Fender doesn't make anymore??) - it's a smaller version of the X2 combo amp - great with my '98 SG Standard!! Small, affordable, and sounds awesome!
  13. wow! that IS a great pic!! - especially being super high res - you get the see the real close up detail... a very nice vintage (late 60's?) SG!
  14. Pretty sweet looking guitar IMO!! Definitely something different peace
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