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  1. Very nice! I love batwing SGs! Looks proper IMO. My recently acquired 2011...
  2. Damn that's a nice SG!! Love that color!
  3. Congrats OP - I'm a batwing fan myself. Looks great!
  4. yeah you're probably right... 57 Classics might be more to his liking... or he simply isn't SG worthy ;) lol
  5. OP - you should look for SG Classic P90 from a few years ago. Also, are you buying online? If so, look local. If you are a ways from a good guitar shop, take a road trip. It will be worth it to get something you will like. And as others said, maybe you're just not an SG guy. I love SGs... Can't stand Les Paul shapes, and also don't like Fender style guitars.
  6. SG Standard.... not the HP version... T version (if 2017)... if earlier years.... Straight up SG Standard. Or maybe a '61 Reissue. Those officially ended in 2012 or 2013 I think. Still Custom Shop ones but those are big money.
  7. The logo on my '98 Standard looks similar... shitty but normal. It's as if they were lazy and didn't trim the headstock inlays to the edges.
  8. You'll love it bro! Some of us like the large batwing pick guard... :)
  9. Here's my 98 Standard. Plays and sounds amazing. I played with the pole pieces a bit just to equalize the string volumes. The lack of parallelism to the strings never bothered me.
  10. Beautiful! Love the color. And always been a fan of the batwing pick guard.
  11. if your theory is correct, maybe they should have called the painted ones "Firesale" SGs... lol ;-)
  12. You're right about the Firebrand "losing it's way"... I recently had spotted one from the early 80's on my local Craigslist... Besides being red, and having "The SG Firebrand" on the truss rod cover, I was scratching my head as to what "Firebrand" was meant for (thinking maybe because of the red, something to do with Firemen... lol)... Then upon digging discovered that they were originally actually "firebranded" and had that natural wood look to them including the headstock. At that point the "Firebrand" made sense - not so with the later regular looking models. Must be like you say - Gibson just wanted to use up the parts and slapped them some regular SG Specials or Standards. Shame. But models like that come and go unfortunately... cheers
  13. mine is at 9lbs - which to me seems like a nice solid weight (i've heard gibson LP's up to 11-12lbs)... so wondering how 9lbs fares with the chambered Ultras... or other weight relieved LP's... cheers
  14. Besides the Ultra/Ultra II, are Epiphone Les Paul Standards weight relieved in any way? Either by chambering or "swiss cheese" holes? If so, what year would they have started? Seems like most Gibson LPs these days are either weight relieved or chambered (since '06 I think), except for some Custom Shop models. Wondering if the same case for Epis. cheers
  15. You may want to take a look at Seymour Duncan pickups. The forums over at Seymour Duncan could probably help you narrow down which pickups you want for the sound/tone you are seeking. I personally think SD's blow anything from Gibson away, but that's personal opinion. For groove metal or hard rock, you may want to check out the SH-5 Custom or SH-14 Custom5 for the bridge and maybe an SH-1 '59 for the neck or even Jazz SH-2. But the forums at SD are real helpful since a lot of guys over there have tried multitudes of pickups. http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/humbucker/ http://www.seymourduncan.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=3 peace
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