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  1. I guess it's my turn now. From left to right: Main player, Fender P bass MIM from 2008 modified Main player, Gibson EB 2014 Epiphone Thunderbird 2010 Sx Jazz Bass (first bass) 2008 Fender P bass MIM modified 2010 In the background, my Ashdown rig, MAG 300 Evo II + MAG 115 and MAG 410 (plus a lot of shoes)
  2. So, I got my Thunderbird a pair of years ago. I always liked it, but it's never been my main player for two reasons: neck dive, and the neck itself. I see pictures of Thunderbirds (Epiphone of course) with slimmer and different necks from mine, which has a very large neck, and it's all painted black! Anyone else got one like mine? It just feels weird how many say that it's a comfortable bass neck-wise, and mine has a street light pole instead of a bass neck! Just curiosity ;)
  3. That Rig looks gorgeous! I wish I had a set up even just close to it. Any chance of sound samples? I just got my EB and I'd love to hear how one sounds throught an old school tube amp.
  4. I'm glad I found this thread! I got a Gibson EB bass few days ago, and being my first Gibson I was almost scared about that smell, because I work with paints and the smell of the nitro we use is quite different, but I guess it's a different composition being an all-purpose paint. I was scared the bass got wet or absurd things like that... It's my persecution of faulty things :P
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