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  2. I have one - the "premium" version that comes with the nice case and has the dual source (under saddle + mic) pickup system. And, of course, the hand-signed COA and a copy of the Acoustic Classics album. It's a nice guitar, given that it is an Epiphone and made in Indonesia. Body is very close to my 2005 Epiphone EJ160-E. As I recall the EJ160-E has a little longer neck. Not unlike the EJ 160, this is a fairly heavy guitar, but I suspect the LR Baggs pickup system with battery accounts for some of that. I was able to try out the Frampton Texan at a local guitar store rather than buying sight unseen online. The guitar store had a Fishman Loudbox Artist amp - same one I use - so I was able to plug the Texan into that to see how it sounded, and I liked the sound. I haven't played with the "Mix" control, which I think allows you to blend the undersaddle and mic sounds. Nice finish on the Texan - that lighter sunburst. So I am happy with it. Listen, everybody's taste in guitars is different. At $1,200, it's not cheap. But I am guessing it's priced to account for the guitar itself in its quality bracket, the nicer Epiphone-branded case (which is really nice), the LR Baggs pickup system (which is supposedly the one Frampton uses in some of his acoustics). Add the that the hand-signed COA and Frampton's royalty for using his name. But if you bought a basic current IB Texan and installed this pickup system and then bought a nice case, you know, you are starting to get near the selling price. They do sell the non-premium version, but it's a different LR Baggs pickup system, and you get no case included or the hand-signed COA (if that matters). The purchase was intended as kind of just for fun purchase (I surely didn't need another acoustic). But I was enthralled with Peter's Acoustic Classics album and treatment of his signature songs, and decided to own the premium version of this guitar. I have a few other "signature" guitars of artists I have admired and personally I get a kick out of owning these. Others might think it's a waste of money. On the other hand, owning more than one guitar could be viewed as a waste of money. Whatever. I plan to do some acoustic gigs with it in the near future and see how it does.
  3. The original pickup in my 2005 Korean-built EJ160e was terrible. Even with different strings that were supposed to do better, still sucked. I had a Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup installed - the only permanent "damage" it does to the guitar is enlarging the strap button hole on the bottom of the guitar (for the guitar cable), but otherwise no permanent alteration. I left the original jack and controls in place, so the external appearance is unchanged. Inside the soundhole, barely visible but easily accessible, are the tone and volume controls. This pickup made a huge difference. In March 2017 I played with a Beatles cover band at the famous NYC venue, The Bitter End. I handled JL's rhythm guitar part on my EJ160e. Sound guy ran my sound through a DI to the PA. It sounded great on stage and my friend's video's of some of the songs proved how nice my guitar came through. The Fishman has a pre-amp inside the body located back where the cable jack is and elsewhere in the body, attached with Velcro, is the 9 volt battery to power the pre-amp. As long as you don't leave the guitar cable plugged into the guitar, the battery will last a long time. For about $250 installed, it has transformed the plugged-in use of the guitar. It would probably be pretty easy to save part of that cost by installing yourself (it seems pretty easy to do), the cost would be more like $150 plus tax. I am very happy that I did it. I highly recommend the Fishman as an effective fix that minimizes any permanent alteration to the guitar.
  4. I have a 2005 EJ160e (Korean made)that I love. Did not love the pickup/electronics - never could get a decent sound, so I had a Fishman Matrix Infinity undersaddle pickup installed, leaving all original electronics in place for looks. Fishman does the job in a big way. Just played a 35 minute set last night with a band doing Beatles stuff at a legendary small venue in NYC. Sound crew ran my guitar signal to a DI box rather than amp. Sounded great. Playing rhythm guitar stuff on my EJ160 - fun imaging JWL playing those songs way back when. I have some high end Martins that I love, but I'd never sell my Epi (feel the same way about my Korean-made Epi Casino). Yours looks beautiful.
  5. Thanks for the replies. My comments: I do have a hardshell case for it and it is indeed sturdy and a safe storage and transport for the guitar. And having paid for an expensive repair to my Casino I am painfully aware of the need to protect the necks of these guitars (Casino was leaning against the couch and just fell over onto to the rug - that's all it took). But keeping in mind the need to be careful in using a gig bag, as one response stated, there are times when a gig bag can be useful. And for certain situations I thought a quality gig bag would be helpful when I want to take my EJ160e. The guitar is fairly hefty and in the hard case it's pretty heavy. Thought a gig bag would be lighter and I could carry it on my back. If anyone is using a gig bag for this guitar that they like, let me know. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have experience with a quality gig bag for the EJ160e? I didn't realize until I started measuring the guitar how long it is. I guess I may have to go with a 12 string gig bag but the EJ body may be smaller than the standard 12 string. Any suggestions for a suitable gig bag for the EJ160e will be appreciated.
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